The Buddy and Team System

There is no doubt great things have been accomplished on some profound individual efforts, but most great accomplishments happen when people work together. There is something beautiful that happens when people with different perspectives and life journeys combine resources and experiences to accomplish a goal.

From ‎my life experience, any time something great happens in my life it happens after brainstorming with friends, or someone pushing me to do better. We are all living life together on the same planet. We are here to journey through life together and help each other take the next step towards greatness.

Being a fitness instructor I can see the truth of this very plainly with my clients. Most of the training I do is group training. I can see that when people exercise in a group the results generally come faster. People pushing each other as well as teaching each other new things, helps to bring results faster than trying it on your own. There have been countless times in my own exercise program that I didn’t want to work out, but because my training partners keep me accountable I am forced to do it.

So today if you don’t already have a coach, training partner, or group you train with, consider finding one. Share your passion with the people around you and see what results will come. I have noticed this to be true not only at the gym, but in all aspects of life. Team work, combined knowledge and accountability will take you where you want to go in the gym and in life.

Canadian Kirby Martin is used to pushing people to be their fittest as a Cross Fit Instructor. Seeing others achieve their best body possible that both looks good and functions well, is a passion of his. 

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