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I want to talk about my addiction. I can’t seem to stop taking personality tests. It’s not just the official tests either like Myers-Briggs or strengthfinders tests. It’s Pottermore tests and Buzzfeed tests. Just today I took “Which Three Fictional Characters Are You”, “Which Terrible Food Are You” and three other tests that I saw on my Facebook timeline. A lot of them are actually really ridiculous but it makes me happy when the results I get are “so me” and it upsets me when my results seem completely wrong.

I constantly look for ways to define myself. Some might say it’s a millennial trait—that it’s because my generation is so self-involved and we like hearing things about ourselves. I’m not going to deny that because I’ve proclaimed myself a self-absorbed person. I take pride in truly and deeply knowing myself; understanding why I do or don’t do something. I know the certain type of people I will click with and the types I’d clash with.

Now, I want to talk about why this isn’t a bad thing. There is an advantage to paying attention to yourself and your own actions, getting to know yourself better and why you do the things you do. Some might call this self-involvement but I prefer the term self-awareness. It has made me understand why I feel certain emotions towards people. It has made me understand why others act a certain way. For example, I know that whenever I work hard on something, it’s important for me that my efforts get recognized. I know that this is because I seek outer validation from other people to feel good about myself. Knowing this about myself has helped me work on this flaw. I’m working on only looking for validation where it matters; my God and myself.

Knowing myself has led me to want to get to know others in a deeper level. It has made me more aware of the emotional needs of other people and what I can do to fill those needs. It has made me conscious of the things I do and say that can potentially hurt other people.

Being aware of myself and my particular personality and situation in life has opened my eyes to realize how different everyone’s lives are. It has made it easier for me to love people I’ve just met. It has made it easier to forgive people who’ve hurt me and more importantly, apologize to people I’ve hurt. It has made me see that I have at least one thing in common with everybody, and that there’s always a potential for friendship.

My point is, keep learning about yourself. This will make you relate to the external world better.

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Denise Magtabog is a college student (majoring in brochure design), trying to make it through her last two semesters while maintaining being the most popular girl in school. She is also an intern at Gushcloud PH where she designs more brochures.

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