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The Everyday Present

Our lives are partially cluttered with thoughts, responsibilities, deadlines, needs, wants, and worries. We sometimes wake up to a new morning with this feeling of dread about the things we don’t want to face. We fill our minds with worries about displeasing others, not belonging, or being out of place. We care too much about the past and future that we tend to neglect the most important part— present.

It’s really exhausting trying to be everything at once, to do everything at once or to worry about everything at once. Nothing lasts forever, but sometimes we let precious moments slip away from us because we focus too much on what’s to come or our burdens from the past. We let worries and fears take over our lives at the expense of not fully enjoying this life as it is.

No matter where you go, remember that you take yourself with you. So wherever you go, you just need to be you. Whatever happens, well, happens. You can’t un-do or un-will things, you can’t un-create moments, so just let them be. Believe that things happen for a reason. Just enjoy the present, make the most of what you have and the leave the rest to where and what is meant to be.

Maybe, it’s possible that we can de-clutter our minds and just wake up to the thoughts of how wonderful a present the present is.

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Therese Josefel is currently a student of the University of the Philippines Manila. She appreciates the littlest things, believes in miracles, and survives reality one smile at a time.

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