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The First Sip

Aside from my Entrepreneur and Writer alter ego, I have a daytime job as an Advertising Account Manager for one of the Advertising agencies here in Makati. You know what they say when you work in Advertising/PR agencies– it means you are best buddies with coffee – black, white, brown, overpriced, under-brewed, name them all.

One remarkable thing about coffee: I enjoy it. (Correction, I am NOW enjoying it.)

I have this certain attachment to coffee which started all the way back in college. Pictures in my head go back to my first sip of that 3-in-1 instant coffee mix my friends dared me to drink. Back then, I hated coffee. Or at least, I used to! I really thought at that time that it was too bitter for people to stick to it. But you know what? That first sip was the most memorable. That first sip, inside the apartment we all rented, in the middle of the storm of 2013 was the kind of comfort I have been waiting for. That’s when I realized that it was not the taste of coffee that mattered, but the togetherness I shared with my roommates. We could have had the now-famous milk tea, cheap doughnuts, or timeless lemonade. But we had coffee, and with coffee, I found my buddies. Now, we work in different industries, but coffee still binds us together.

Even my undergraduate internship manuscript I submitted to my adviser had a metaphor of coffee. It’s entitled, “Fill Me Up: Everything I Need To Know I Learned with My Cup of Coffee”. This was inspired by Robert Fulghum’s “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. Amazing memories are inside that book.

Through the course of my coffee-is-my-best-friend adventures, I have gained new friends and strengthened bonds with old ones. The random strangers I get to share a table with while having coffee gave me a bunch of realizations I now keep. Some people I’ve shared blissful moments with– cheered triumphant selves over a pitch, a published magazine gig, a sales quota reached, academic success, consoled someone over her break-up, even bidding our heartbreaking goodbyes– all these moments shared over a cup of coffee.

Indeed, it is during those moments of laughter, joy, tears, and despair that a cup of coffee can bind friends and heal wounds.

Though, the best time for me with my coffee is when it rains and I sit beside the window, read a book (or write in my little handy-dandy notebook), and contemplate. The usual old-fashioned grandparent deed.

The drizzle, stained glass, gloom, and wintry feel conspire me to feel sentimental and sensitive. During the rainy season, I get to fill up spaces of my notebook with poems, prose, and little musings I randomly think about – away from work, technology, and the usual day-to-day activities.

It is during those moments when I realize that life is a matter of perspective and of choice. It is not a matter of what others say the best life should be, but the life you want to have. I learned to embrace failure and to stand up when you fall, no matter how hard the fall may be. I learned to remember my blessings and the countless ways I could do to appreciate them. Those moments made me realize that attitude affects your altitude and your journey towards the pursuit of your goals.

So maybe, as I was writing this, I also realized how a single cup of coffee can turn moments into an insightful and productive journey to life. I am a guy with big dreams, who ended up looking at your official Instagram shots, then initiated to share with you some personal musings.

Just a cup of coffee, with or without friends, can make the day. Who would have thought, right?

I hope this inspires you just like everyone else who spreads the good vibes in each person’s day. I wish you, the entire The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf family and its #Brew2014 team, a very fulfilling journey in life and of everything in between talks, laughs, and moments.

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Genesis is the guy behind Project 365 – 365 Quotes, 365 Days, 365 Musings Project. Aside from his daily blog posts, he balances his passion with his ambassadorship-cum-business venture, loves photography, traveling, and food; he currently spends one-third of his day as an Advertising Account Manager, and disassociate with the world through his comfort food – plain yoghurt, Hany/Chocnut, and Flat Tops. He dreams of becoming CEO of his future businesses – a coffee shop with twelve tables in the list.

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