The Good I Want to Impart

What are the talents you have been given with that you can use to do good?

If I were asked this question a couple of years ago, my answer would have been along the lines of “hmmm…. I don’t know.”

During my last year in high school, we were given 2 choices for electives- computer class or journalism class. So just for the heck of it, I chose the road less travelled and joined the class where only 15% of the class signed up in: Journalism. Because of that simple choice, I discovered a passion I never knew existed, a talent I never knew I had.

Fast forward to my last year in college, 4 years later, I was given the privilege to go on a short-term mission trip to Nepal along with other students and campus missionaries. All my life, I’ve been afraid of heights! The night before our flight, I was pretty much convinced that I was not going through that airplane ride. But fortunately, I did. After two weeks in Nepal and two stop-overs in Thailand, another passion emerged which became an addiction: traveling.

I’ve spent a couple of years asking myself “What do I really want to do in life? What am I called to do?” Through time, God made me realize that the things that happened in my life – taking up that journalism class and having the guts to step in that plane- weren’t accidental. Rather, they were a foretelling of His plans in my life.

Because my course in college was Accounting, it meant that I had to get a job that had something to do with finances and numbers. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t do the things I loved- to travel and to write. Working in the corporate world is taxing, but the joy of traveling releases all the stress that drags me down and documenting my travels on paper makes the memories last forever.

Today, if you ask me the question “What are the talents you have been given with that you can use to do good?” I will respond with this answer:

This is the dream: To set up a blog and share my travels to the world. It will not be your ordinary travel blog of whens, wheres, whats and hows (though I admit they are helpful!) But it will be a blog that will inspire people to travel, to get out of that seat and book a flight! It will be a blog that reminds people that they don’t need to wait until retirement to travel, a blog that asks people to invest in memories, not things. A blog that shows people that we have been blessed with a beautiful country, a beautiful world, and that we are only seeing a dot of it. And lastly, I want to share with others that traveling changes you, and that you will not be the same person once you get a taste of it. Traveling teaches you things that will change you forever.

This is my talent, and this is the ‘good’ I want to impart to other people.

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