The In-Between

A lot of people live for the highs—the good times. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations. Accomplishments, successes, fulfilled dreams. They make sure their memories are worthwhile, something to look back on and look forward to.

Some people, though, are not so fortunate. They live to get through and get past the lows—the bad times. Deaths, breakups, financial losses, friendships falling out. Trials, shortcomings, mistakes, setbacks, failures. These are the people who are just trying to last another day, or maybe eventually forget.

The thing is, the highs and lows, good times and bad times– they are all part of life. But we forget that it’s what they are – parts. These are not all that make up our days, they are just parts of them.

Sometimes, we can get too preoccupied with the past or obsessed with the future – about attaining the highs and avoiding the lows, stacking up good times and trashing out bad times – that we forget how to live in the moment. We take for granted the in-betweens.

These are the seemingly slow and mundane days. The routines we fail to recognize, like going to school or work and sitting on your usual chair and writing with your favorite pen; hanging out in your favorite coffee shop, ordering your usual drink, and going home only when it closes; walking the same jagged street with the same corners and turns that gets you to the same familiar places, past the same crowd of faces we never really took the time to sketch in our minds. The lunches with friends talking about career plans, and dinners with family arguing about politics; staring blankly into space when you’re all alone, just breathing and drowning in silence. These are the habits we make that eventually make us. These are the days we let pass by and add up, the essential in-betweens that we don’t realize.

The in-betweens are what makes the highs so high and the lows so low, the good times so good and the bad times so bad. The days we don’t count are what makes the days we do count worth counting. The in-between is every day, is here now, and it’s what gets us from where we are to where we’re supposed to be.

This year, I’ve decided to live for the in-betweens. To see the beauty where others fail to. To appreciate the journey, every step included, regardless of whether it ends with a high or with a low. I don’t want to arrive where I want to be and wonder how I got there; I want to arrive and know exactly what it took to get there. Maybe living in the in-between will stop making it seem like time just flew right by. Maybe living in the in-between will brew my best year yet.

About the Contributor

Jill Ponio is a 24-year-old, 4th year Medical Student from UERM who was saved by grace, lives by faith not by sight, has hope as an anchor for her soul, and puts on love which binds everything in perfect unity. Her hobbies include singing, eating, watching cat videos, highlighting medbooks, transes and reviewers, ​and buying notebooks she has no use for (yet).

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