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The Ladder

Everyone aims to be on top. I guess everyone lives with that goal to reach the top.

But what exactly does it mean to be on top?

And why are we so eager to be there?

It is the simple need, I guess, of being and feeling secure. To be on top means to live in a comfortable, convenient state; getting the things you want and having the means to afford your needs without too much pressure.

Metaphorically, today, being on top means being successful. Success is highly viewed based on our income, material possessions, number of houses, cars, and our professional position. It is defined as having a convenient life where all the pleasures and luxuries are available to you. This very “cut above the rest image” of ours is the outlier of the average status quo.

We keep on pursuing to be on top, to be among the successful. Then reality hits us—we are not there yet. So we continue to do things beyond what we think we can do. We develop our plans to reach our goals- every day, every month, and every year. We try new things. We explore our innermost abilities. We discover how far we can go.

However, it so often happens that even after achieving these goals, people still end up feeling like there’s a void in their lives. I believe this is because we can’t define success without knowing what God mean about success. If we have the wrong definition of it, we will probably end up making the wrong decisions.

“Success in its intrinsic, simple definition is attaining your goal. If your goal is to have a great marriage and if you achieve it, then that’s success. If you set your goal in graduating on time and achieve it then that’s success. “ 

Most of the time our goals are not aligned with God’s goal, thus we don’t achieve success. That is why in most cases, it is very difficult, heavy and burdensome to reach the top of the ladder. If your entire purpose is merely living for safety, convenience, pleasure, and the good things life brings—then maybe it’s time to rethink about how you are living your life. If God gives you the opportunity to live a comfortable life, then that’s great– but that is not the goal. The goal is to have the character of Jesus. The goal is to become more and more like Jesus.

Understand that your success is in His providence and is not defined by your bank account, the career you are building, the possessions you have at the moment. Know that God is orchestrating everything in your life. God is in control, and He will put you one step closer to the top.

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Gigi Ceballos is a work in progress by God’s grace. Iskolar. Scientist with a love for Food and Chemistry. Social Entrepreneur and Missionary someday. Badminton enthusiast. Photolover. Living life one step at a time. Has a high serotonin level for coffee and pasta.

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