Tales of Giving Part 1: The Lord is the Master Giver

Annie is an EA from a Real Estate Company.

She works 10 hours a day to sustain her family.

She’s single, not committed, and has no commissary.

Always on the run for the so-called “economy.”


Her daily routine involves

Eating breakfast and running fast in the morning,

To grab a ride in a van and a bus.

There she waits or sleeps, her hair fuzzed.


One ordinary day, she sat in a wet bus chair.

At that moment, she thought she can manage and just quietly stare.

But her annoyance dominated and she could no longer bear.

Out of impatience, she stood and screamed, “Life, so unfair!”


Everyone looked- confused and fascinated.

Then a person started the talk that turned all heads.  

“What kind of a person is she?” a lady in pink said.

“Too impatient. Very immature,” the senior citizen, though her knees needed mend.


She transferred to one chair beside the window-

Angry, annoyed, and wanted to cry. All too shallow.

She can’t contain it; she needs a pillow.

When a kid outside smiled to her while waving, “Hello!”

A strange energy run all over her body’s vicinity:

Something that somehow removed her “mild” sanity.


Relaxed, calm, and losing the self pity,

Annie sat there for five more hours of life familiarity.

It’s almost the station where she’s supposed to go out.

Suddenly, a candy wrapper flew on her mouth.

With her eyebrows frowned, she took it out,

Read it and was surprised it removed her pout.


“You are okay. Don’t let your life go astray.”

It’s something that made her stay,

Sit again, ask for another ticket, and pay.

The writing on the candy wrapper was gone. “Huh? Is this foul play?”


Reflecting, she thought all throughout the night.

She lives a beautiful and gorgeous life,

Has a family who makes everything alright,

Even though there are times that they fight.


When morning came, she went out and did the same.

While walking down their village’s pedestrian lane,

A boy approached her and waved like the boy she saw over the window pane.

It made her feel better again, she thought, “How? This is insane!”


Rode a bus, standing and swaying, “Ooooh ooh my Gosh!”

She can’t hold on, her wrist getting very weak,

Cursing the world, “Why is everything in a rush?”

She fell down, and a boy offered her a seat.


While travelling to her destination,

She thought of the ups and downs she’s been on.

Wishing she vanishes forever to end the pain,

She thinks this is just a hopeless game.


Suddenly, a passenger threw a ticket in her face.

Wondrous, she looked at him in disgrace.

He smiled, smirked, and this time, threw a plastic candy lace.

“Keep up. The world is nothing but a great maze.”


Her eyes narrowed,

Froze in haunted codes.

She looked back and hoped,

But words no longer showed.


The travel took time.

She thought, “It’s getting late, almost 9.”  

An old lady smiled and said, “Hi!”

“Wow!” was all she could cry.


Annie got home late.

The jeepney she rode had lead to haste.

It took every opportunity to overtake.

Leaving her breathless, as if being chased.


Negativity hugged her again.

She felt like her heart was repeatedly broken.

Her shoulders feeling heavy; she’s not in her haven.

She’s about to cry and it ain’t stopping.  

In a minute, someone knocked.

She was in shock!

“I’m crying! Why?? Please freeze the clock!!”


The door opened, and it was God, in white, and wearing a sock

“I give you rest. Please don’t cry.

I am just here; call me anytime.

Please remember that I watch you from time to time

Life is good. Believe because I am the most Divine.”


Annie, you are doing just as great.

Don’t be rushed. Don’t you break

Hold on and do whatever you can take.

I can see the efforts and sacrifices you do and make.”

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