The Power of Visualization in Achieving Your Goals

We all have a strong desire for success. As a person, it’s natural for us to have a goal and to pursue this goal during our lifetime. It may be a career, a business, an idea, a role- we all strive to be better and we all want to reach a point where we can say we finally made it.  To be successful, we are always in search of outside tools to help us. These outside tools may be anything from education to new experience, but in my personal quest for success, I have learned that not only outside forces bring us closer to our goal, but one must also not forget the inner tool found within us- a tool that we can only discover by practicing it and living it. A tool that uses our mind and aligns all areas of our life- the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, and this tool is visualization.

What is visualization for me? Visualization is the formation of mental visual images of what you want in your life. It is a basic technique of positive thinking wherein one thinks of his or her goals, and how she or he wants to achieve them. It is like daydreaming, where you imagine anything and everything that you can think of. But compared to daydreaming, visualization is more concrete. It is thinking about what you want in your life- your goals, aspirations, dreams, the best version of yourself and you imagine all these again and again with all your heart and your senses till the universe makes your inner thoughts a reality. If Law of Attraction tells us that our thoughts become our reality, visualization tells us that if we have positive/ good thoughts, and we hold on to these thoughts, these thoughts will be our reality and we will live the life we’ve been dreaming of.

Years ago, visualization was introduced to me and after practicing it and putting it in to my daily life, I have discovered how powerful and effective it is in fulfilling my goals and desires.

One of the effects of practicing visualization is it serves as a guide. When you visualize, you create goals for yourself and you just want to work on them one by one till you fulfill them. Nothing is more liberating than waking up everyday knowing who you are, what you want in your life, and how you ought to get them. Ever since I started practicing visualization, I would take down notes of my daily, monthly, yearly goals and they guide me with my day-to-day life. Visualization gives us a sense of purpose, a life worth living because we have goals to accomplish for ourselves and for others.

Another effect of practicing visualization is it makes goals concrete. When you visualize, you imagine vividly all the things you want to achieve, you repeat this thinking as often possible, making yourself a master of your goals. Visualization has taught me to make concrete plans and actions to have concrete results.

Lastly, an effect of practicing visualization is it serves as an inspiration. We all want to be the best version of ourselves and when we visualize, we see a glimpse of who we want to be. These images give us a detailed story of our destiny and these give us the strength to push forward and never give up on our dream. It inspires us to see the light after every difficulty and to see obstacles as temporary trials. Visualization has been one of my sources of inspiration, making me strong in my daily life and stronger when difficulties and problems arise. My mind tells me that difficulties are just temporary, because there are brighter and better things coming my way.

The points mentioned above are just some of the importance of visualization and once you practice it, you’ll discover more reasons why visualization is one powerful gift. It has changed my life in numerous ways and I am certain that it can also change yours. To make the best use of the power of visualization, have faith and trust that the fact that you can think of your goals means they are bound to happen. Your goals are meant for you and they will be yours as long as you believe in them and claim them. Change your destiny by changing the way you think. Be in control of your future by taking full control of your mind, your thoughts.  After all there is no limit to the happiness, success and contentment we are meant to receive so take advantage of this this by using the power we all have within us.

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Kat Zulueta is the creator of fashion brand ZOO, with 4 stores and counting in Manila and an online fashion store.  serving customers worldwide. She loves to travel and see the world and is an overall life-lover. Email her at katzulueta@gmail.com or check out her instagram.

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