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In psychology, ‘mind reading’ has two areas – mentalizing and what psychics claim to practice. The kind of ‘mind reading’ that psychics claim to do involves the actual knowledge of everything that goes on inside the human brain besides the ‘self’. On the other hand, mentalizing is our ability to read a person’s mind based on his or her body languages, gestures, and facial expressions. This is our ability as humans to socialize. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with great ‘mentalizing’ skill which is why I believe that communication plays a vital role in our everyday lives.

As a communications major, I’ve learned and realized that communication is not just a part of human development but is an integral part of the human race as well. From the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin, we are now known as the Homo sapiens of today — ‘modern humans’. We are gifted with a biological instinct to create and use language in order to communicate and survive. With this being said, the human race developed the concept of civilization and society.

In these modern times, it is now a part of our daily routine to communicate with other people. However, since we are considered complex by having varying personalities, characteristics, feelings, and emotions, we tend to overlook the value of communication when it comes to relationships.

Communication is very important when it comes to relationships because it serves as the foundation for a lasting one. People change through time may it be in music taste, interests, or even looks, and we need to cope with those changes.

How? The answer is simple – communication.

Not everyone is a psychic. Hence, there must be constant communication between two people in order to have a harmonious relationship.

Just imagine your mom and/or dad leaving the country to work abroad. What if you don’t have a medium of communication with your parents like Facebook or telephone– a relationship gap will then surely arise. What if you ran into your high school best friend who went into a different university as you, isn’t it a little awkward? Imagine a former lover that got away just because of a misunderstanding. Would you still be together if you just communicated properly? Imagine if there was proper communication between Syria and the US. Would we be able to enjoy world peace right now?

Ramon Bautista, a popular film professor in University of the Philippines Diliman, said that long distance relationships is hard work. There will always be struggles in communicating with the other person. But distance is just one external factor that can affect a relationship, there are still several more. It is only consistent communication that can help rebuild or fix a relationship.

As human beings, we are given the power to use language in order to communicate and live harmoniously. In order for relationships to last, maintaining open communication with the other person is necessary. It is our responsibility as members of the human civilization to promulgate the usage of proper communication to attain peace. The world is sick due to rising misunderstandings and only a great dose of clear communication can heal it.

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