The Search Is Over

We can’t help but ask big questions. Why on earth am I here? What am I destined to be like? What or who am I living for? Where will I be next year, next month, how about tomorrow?

It all boils down to our search for meaning, for purpose, and for significance. And as this year is nearing its end, this search becomes deeper and harder to answer. We go one step forward only for the answer to go one step farther from us. The whole of the year has been a catch-me-if-you-can scenario of fact finding for all of us, we have grown weary to ever continue searching. And then we stop, rest, and then finally (and hopefully) realize.

We don’t need to step forward, to walk, or to run to know the answer, we only need to realize that our value and worth are absolute, that a sense of purpose and significance have already been embedded within us. It is only through this realization that the questions will soon die down and turn into certainty.

There is no need for sight for us to see—we only need vision and belief.

Surely, you still have a few (but massive) questions running around your head right now. There are just so many layers into our search for answers for us to simply throw apprehensions away. You don’t have to worry about feeling convinced now. Much like our man-made search for meaning, growing at ease with our own beliefs takes time.

We’re in the same process too! Read on our upcoming posts to find out how this purpose can materialize in work, at home, with our families, friends, with the community, and most especially with ourselves.

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