The Sun’s Greeting (And Other Micro Stories About Change)

Change is something we struggle with. I have not seen anything else dealt with by so many people with the same amount of fear, resistance and confusion. Even I feel lost when evaluating what needs to be addressed and what should remain. I feel that sharing helps me process what I feel, that’s why I take photos. It’s the quickest way for me to share my perspectives. However, I take photographs on a daily basis so, for a change, I decided to try my hand at writing really short stories.

There isn’t a single right moment for change.

Everyday, the sun takes a small peak through the defining line we see oft in the distance of sight we call the sky’s horizon. It’ll greet you as a friend, trust me on this. Warm and radiating with love, he’ll slowly creep out of hiding and gently caress you a good morning until you rise from slumber. You will have these run-ins at the start of each day like clockwork and as you get more and more familiar with each other, you might start to notice him constantly asking “Is today the day you start change?”

We are given 86,400 seconds each day. 86,400 chances on a daily basis to say that regardless if you’re ready for it or not, now is the time to invoke the initial steps at thinking, acting and being slightly different and going for what you want.

Change cannot remain merely in our hearts and minds.

Notice the caterpillar who spent his days staring at butterflies. He fashioned himself a pair of wings in his imagination; thoughts of the wonders of flight filled his mind and his heart. Until his final day, he remained shackled to the ground for he found himself blissfully dreaming but didn’t wake up to craft his cocoon.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have half the battle already won; they already have the vision of change and what they want to happen reigning in their spirit. This means nothing however if they don’t actualize and translate that desire to action.

The way to make change work is to embrace it being there.

I was hiking up a mountain as steep as a mountain can be. Halfway through my tredge, I found myself at a narrow path that led to a tunnel. Blocking my forward passage was a magnanimous rough boulder called Change. There was no way around it as either side introduced me to the side of the mountain or have me fall off the cliff. I tried to wedge it out of the way, climb over it and I reached a point so desperate I pretended it was not even there. The fact of the matter was Change was in front of me. It wasn’t until I thought I tried everything possible to evade it, when I truly faced reality, that I had a better grasp of my situation and wrapped as much of Change as I could with my hands and arms and pushed. It was hard to get Change to get started but as I kept pushing, Change kept rolling until I didn’t have to exert as much effort anymore and I was able to continue moving towards the summit.

Life will force you to make changes. Openness will help a great deal; everything else gets easier as you go along with time.

Realize that there are things that you need not change.

Staring into the surface of a pond, a little tiger cub wondered why he had deep black stripes emblazoned on its fur. No one else seemed to have this in the jungle aside from his family; he grew to resent these marks on him. Day in and day out, the tiger wished the stripes away to no avail until he was walking with a few of the other animals who were theorizing why the tiger had his stripes. Their conversation grew long and tiresome as they walked and walked a great deal. The tiger, tired, paused by tall grass; the other animals looked away for a mere second. To them, he was invisible and he finally understood why he had his stripes.

Frankly, not everything needs change but better appreciation. The distinction is the challenge.

Here’s to cheers and change, friend.

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Nico Nuyda is a Manila-based food and lifestyle photographer. When not taking photos, he can be found pan-searing steaks or baking cookies while blasting Chance the Rapper in the kitchen, secretly rekindling his dream to be signed to play in the NBA at the village basketball court or thinking of which mountains he would want to go up next. For more of his works, visit his Instagram.

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