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The Things We Don’t Say

They say that in silence, we can find the words we want to speak (but don’t). In silence, we discover a part of ourselves that we didn’t know we had. In silence, we find the sincerest forms of reveries.

In my Human Communication class, my professor presented a short film entitled “The Most Beautiful Thing” that showed how communication can be channelled effectively with or without verbal usage. The film opens with an introduction on one of the two main characters, Brandon, a boy with an awkward aura who’s looking for a date he would take to prom. One day, he met Emily, who was sitting on a bench beside the one where Brandon was sitting on. He initiated a conversation and said the simplest yet magical word that could start the beginning of something wonderful…


Emily didn’t hear it at first. Brandon was baffled but then realized why when she used sign language to interact with him by jotting down her thoughts on paper and showing it to him. He made his move and communicated with her too via pen and paper, face-to-face. This went on and on until they got to know each other even without muttering a single syllable.

The essence of the film is that it picturesquely stated that even when there are no spoken words, we can still understand each other and express our emotions by using different ways. In this case, the desire of both parties to communicate is a great example by using a method not conventional for some people. The amount or set of words you say does not define a message’s substance and purpose.

Communication is very important in a relationship – whether you are just within each other’s geographical vicinity or you are miles and worlds apart. Each person’s style of communication varies from one human being to another. But the main thing here is that you get to delve deeper into one’s existence, a deeper realm that mere spoken words sometimes cannot reach. You may communicate through photos and still understand each other. You may communicate through leaning against each other and still know what they mean. You may communicate by seeing each other through your laptops or PCs with the help of webcams, and when it’s just a smile at the start of each video call, you can still get the message.

My take on communication in relationships is this: We all have our different ways, our different methods to say something but one variable is the most important of them all – consistency.

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Salve Angeluz Dalmacio is a 17-year-old Communications student from Cavite. She is a lover of indie music, fluffy kittens, and creativity. She aspires to be a source of inspiration for other people and she works towards this goal by sharing her works filled with love through writings, poetry, and photography. When she’s not busy with school, she writes on her little and humble webspace at www.indiekitty.net. You may also reach her at salve@indiekitty.net.

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