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The Treasures of Your Heart

It’s almost Christmas, and normally, you’re probably worrying about giving gifts and excited about receiving gifts. If not, maybe you’re the type who doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of personal reasons. Whatever it is, Christmas will always be known as the season of giving and receiving. But really, why is it that we need to give to others? Why don’t we check if we’re generous with ourselves first? I’d like to talk about a novel I finished reading a few months ago entitled, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. It told the story of Scrooge, a man who was so cold.

Scrooge gets visited by the ghosts of Christmas’ past, present, and future. These apparitions showed how he was enveloped by greed and how he redeemed himself. As Scrooge goes through his past, eventually leading to his present, he learns to be more generous with himself. The more he goes through the journey, the more he sees the brighter side of things. Scrooge sees more of his clerk’s family life that although his clerk was poor, he and his family was together. He also saw his nephew happily spending time with his wife and friends. I believe this is one of the messages that this novel wants to convey to its viewers: giving to others.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”- Matthew 6:21

Giving reveals the heart. Scrooge was so focused on his loaning business, that this is where his heart was. At first, Scrooge didn’t want to give a single penny. His heart was so cold and closed off at first until later on when he starts to open up and was a changed man. After what he went through with seeing the past, present, and future, who wouldn’t? He started to be generous by buying Tiny Tim, the crippled and sickly son of his clerk, a turkey for Christmas. He helped Tiny Tim by giving his family money to help him recover from his sickness. He also gave his clerk a raise, apologized to the men he shouted at, and promised them donations from him. Lastly, he attended the party of his nephew which he previously declined to go to.

What about you? The treasures that your heart long for and desire is something only you know. There’s nothing wrong though with buying or saving money, but please don’t turn down that investment yet. The point is when you have a love for money that is not intended to be shared, life becomes empty.

Giving is not an obligation. It is an opportunity. You just have to look around you. Some are less fortunate, and giving, as I’ve mentioned, shows us where our hearts are.

So this Christmas, I urge you not to close your heart off. If you’re excited about that Christmas bonus or don’t care at all about Christmas, ask yourself this question: Will the money you have last forever? The truth is, you, and even the richest man on earth can’t bring that to heaven when you die. The best thing you can do is give, not just because you would get it back, but because it’s a joy and a privilege to give back with what we can. And if ever you want to change like Scrooge, just know it’s never too late. All it takes one is a small simple act of love to make a difference that would eventually to thaw your frozen heart.

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