The Tree

A massive tree firmly standing in the middle of a field always feels sad. Day by day, hundreds of leaves fall down from its branches. Night by night, some of its branches would creak. One sunny day, a farmer walked by the tree and got into its shade for it was too hot. To the farmer’s surprise, the tree felt cold against his back. The farmer suddenly stood up and felt compelled to help the tree that served as his shade during that sunny day.

The next morning, the farmer brought a quilt large enough to cover the trunk of the tree. He wrapped the enormous cloth around the tree’s body. And then he went on to the other side of the field to plow. When the farmer returned to the tree, it was just as sad as it was when he first noticed it. He went home and started to stitch a lot of these ridiculously big socks that could fit the branches of the tree.

The next day, he walked by the tree and he put on the socks to the long and wide branches. It was almost noon when he finished wrapping the whole tree. He then went on to the other side of the field to plant some seedlings in the plowed soil.

When he came back to the tree, it just had gotten worse than ever. The farmer didn’t know what to do for he was sure he did everything could have to warm the tree. And then, a strong wind blew and sent the quilt and the socks flying away to the other side of the field. Astonished with the event, the farmer walked away from the tree just to see the big picture. As soon as he realized that the coldness of the tree could never fade away, he ran towards the tree as fast as he could and embraced its trunk with all his might for the coldness is not on the tree’s bark but it’s in its very roots. The empty frost is in its veins and the only way for the tree to live is to make peace with coldness inside its heart.

About the Contributor

Kath Juanier is an incoming UP Diliman freshie from Las Pinas City. She has been an Editor in Chief for her school paper, The LPSci Standard Press. She can’t say that she has a serious relationship with writing and editing but it’s beyond question that she has a strong relationship with Double Chocolate Ice Blended. She writes because she loves writing for herself and for others and simply because she gets to enjoy a cup of coffee while doing so.

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