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The Wheel of Faith

A lady driving her car on her way home was stuck in traffic. She could see the city’s famous tallest Ferris wheel on the left side of the road. The Ferris wheel stood bright against the dark night’s sky. Even though she passes by the same road every night, she has never seen the Ferris wheel as beautiful as it was that night. She stared at it for so long that other vehicles started honking their horns.

Oops. Green light, it’s time to move forward.

She couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful the Ferris wheel was. She had the sudden urge to go on it. The big, round, shining, shimmering, colorful, and beautiful Ferris wheel seemed like it could take her to the moon and stars.

Just the thought of riding the Ferris wheel made her feel young again. She wants to, yet her busy schedule forbids her from riding it. Besides, she feels like she’s too old to go to a theme park. It is also far from her priority; too many people were looking up to her- the breadwinner of her family, the career woman in the office, the leader and active member of her organization, an inspiration to children. In other words, she was her last priority; she always wants to give her best in fulfilling her duties to make everybody happy.

Everything seemed so perfect until one day, she got exhausted. She didn’t know what was wrong or what was going on in her life. She has always been doing everything right, as she always did.

“What could be wrong?”

Everything was the same as usual. She couldn’t understand what was happening but because of her positive attitude, she tried to ignore her feelings and the negative thoughts. She just continued to do her very best to make everything okay but for the first time, she felt so different. Her positive outlook didn’t seem to work.

Suddenly, she didn’t know what to do. She started losing her interest in the things she always loved to do. Her passion at work and in her organization decreased. Her relationship with her family, friends and other people became cold. She became irritable and short-tempered. She started losing sleep at night and her appetite drastically changed.

The lady used to be enthusiastic, energetic, positive, and encouraging. She was a problem-solver, easy to get along with, and a person who always smiled. But now, she was like a shadow to everyone. She became very anxious and depressed, felt hopeless and helpless.

One night, a lady driving her car on her way home was stuck in traffic. She could see the city’s famous tallest Ferris wheel on the left side of the road. The Ferris wheel stood bright against the dark night’s sky. She was staring at it for so long when suddenly tears started to roll down from her eyes.

In her mind, “It seems like this was happened already.”

“Deja vu,” she murmured. “It cannot be.”

The familiar sound of the other vehicles honking their horns were signalling her to move forward.

“Okay. Green light. Sorry, I’m moving forward now.”

While driving, she continued to think about the Ferris wheel.

“What’s with the Ferris wheel?”

She felt like it was calling her.

She suddenly drove in a different direction and followed the light of the Ferris wheel. She didn’t understand why she was doing this but for some reason she wanted to go to the theme park and ride the Ferris wheel. This was the first time she actually put aside her to-do list hat day. Everything slowed down. It was rejuvenating.

When she arrived at the theme park, she slowly parked her car and walked towards the Ferris wheel area. Her eyes sparkled and she was so amazed; she hasn’t ridden on it in a very long time. When she approached the booth, she was given a ticket.

“How much?” she asked.

The ticket-lady said, “It’s a free gift. We are celebrating our anniversary today and as a gift, everyone is welcome to ride and join us. All you have to do is to accept this ticket and present it to the lady at the gate, her name is Angel.”

“Wow. That is so amazing! Thank you very much.” she said to the ticket lady.

While walking, she looked at her ticket closely and it read:

Welcome to the Wheel of Faith
May this journey bring you joy and peace

She got teary-eyed as she was amazed, yet again. When she arrived at the gate, Angel approached her and said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Angel led her to her seat and puts her seatbelt on.

“Enjoy and have a little faith,” Angel reminded.

The journey started. The Wheel of Faith moved up slowly…

Dug-dug dug-dug went the sound of her heart.

Her curiosity made her feel a little nervous and afraid.

But then, she remembered what Angel said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Enjoy and have a little faith.”

Finally, she became calm as she felt the cold wind on her face. She started to look around and appreciate the lights and the view from above. She looked around and observed how the Wheel of Faith was formed.

“So this is what it feels like,” she thought to herself.

She used to look at the Wheel from afar every time she passed by the road and was stuck in traffic. But now, she viewed it differently.

“I was wrong,” she thought. “Beautiful is an understatement for this Wheel of Faith. The lines that connect each car to another to form the wheel, the lights it brings at night, and the experience it gives during every ride – it’s beyond perfect. Indescribable. This was made for everyone and everyone must experience this.”

Finally, the car where she was seated reached the top. And suddenly, the Wheel of Faith stopped moving.

A voice from the speaker announced, “Good evening. You have reached the top of Wheel of Faith. For a while, you can unfasten your seatbelt and take a photo. But, please be extra careful and have a little faith!”
She unfastened her seatbelt, grabbed her phone and took a photo of the view from the top. She of course, took a photo of herself with a genuine smile. She cherished every second at the top. It seems she learned to let herself go. Unexpectedly, her anxieties and worries have vanished. She felt freedom.

As she looked up and stretched her arms, it seemed like she could touch the moon and stars in the sky. All of a sudden, tears started to fall down from her eyes again.

“I know it’s You. Thank You. Thank You for leading me here. Thank You for reminding me of who You are and that everything is under Your control. Thank You for showing me the light and saving me from darkness. It was You. It has always been You.”

As she looked around, she could see the whole view of the city. The place where she and her family lived, her friends’ homes, the church, the park, the grocery, her office – everything could be seen from up above. At that moment, she realized that life can be viewed like this. That life can be seen as beautiful as the whole view of the city, if we always just learn to look at things from up above.

“It’s all about perspective,” she thought.

In life, we can get caught up in the daily, mundane things and can even get messed up at times. We could think our situation is at its end point and that we can no longer get through it. Most of the time, when we experience trials and hardships, we are blinded. We are fed by our negative thoughts and emotions, we narrow down our perspectives, we lose our patience, which in turn makes our situation even harder. Some end up giving up on life.

Until we learn to view things from above, we will not discern the true meaning of life, our purpose, our calling and the reasons why things need to happen the way they did and continue to do.

The lady believes that everything happens for a reason. She may not know every reason, but in her realizations, she doesn’t have to know everything for her to move forward in life. It’s just that whatever happens in her life, good or bad, big or small, she knows all things work together for her good; that even a small step can make her move forward and make a progress in her life. It’ll just take a small step of faith.

For quite some time, she hasn’t felt the kind of peace she did that night. Indeed, it was her turning point.

She has been freed.

She has learned to process everything by allowing herself to view things from above. That way, she has learned to rise above her circumstances by surrendering all her anxieties and worries to the One who truly holds her life.

She knows that she’s not perfect, that she makes mistakes, and that she can fail anytime. But one thing she has learned is that she can always go back to the Wheel of Faith and look things from up above.

And now, she can’t wait to bring her loved ones to this beautiful Wheel of Faith and allow them to experience the exceptional view at the top.



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