Thorns Untouched Won’t Hurt

Do you remember the first day of class when you were all strangers to each other? An atmosphere of awkwardness was breezing in so you elaborately scanned the room analyzing your classmates with statements popping out of your head. The white-skinned guy talking proudly might be a douche. The fashionista at the corner could be snobbish. Your quiet seatmate may probably not gain any friends. The hottest guy in the room may end up being your forever – whoops, this one’s probably just wishful thinking. Fast forward to today, the quiet seatmate just needed time to come out of her shell since she turns out to be a chatter, the fashionista eventually became your bff, then the white skinned douche is actually a real douche but is very talented, nonetheless.

At one point, we have judged or have been judged with conclusions ranging from simple to extremely brutal thoughts. This explains why these mantras are constantly being reminded to us:

“Judging a person does not define others, it defines who you are.”

“Don’t judge people, you do not know what kind of battle they are fighting.”

“Stop judging, you only see what they want to show you.”

…and the list is capped off by the ever popular “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We are very much aware that judgments may hurt and assumptions could be offensive. Even we would not want it for ourselves. However – let’s face it – these quotations are easier said than done. Some stereotypes could simply be humorous topics in a peer conversation to make us laugh. Most assumptions are inevitable especially if the conclusions were based on information that is readily available. Moreover, with the rise of social media, giving sentiments is just a thumb away. As much as I may emphasize on not judging, other peoples’ behaviors are beyond our control. No matter how much don’t judge quotations are shared or tweeted, there will always be someone who will perceive you differently.

Anyone might judge your looks, actions and words but those insights are plain bubbles in the air until you get affected by it. Judgments may be empty while some may be true. Some could be destructive, although some could be helpful. These thoughts are up for your classification. Evaluate their viewpoints since there may be reason behind it and knowing so could be utilized for the better. However, if you know that those judgments are nonsensical, do not get affected by it. People will not judge too quickly if you do not let them judge you. You must develop a sense of identity – know who you are and know who you are not. Sharp insults won’t hurt as hard when you’ve established a shield built on self-esteem to nonchalantly flick those judgments away. Most importantly, do not let it destroy you. People will continue to say what they want to say, but if you continue to do what you want to do because it is right and your heart screams for it, nothing will go wrong or – better yet − you will prove them wrong


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Aila Parel is a dauntless lass who grabs every opportunity along her way. As a child, she tried ballet, ice skating, modelling, theater acting and is currently open to fulfilling her other interests. Aside from these aspirations, she also gives her academics a great deal. As a budding economist and a future CPA, she dreams of touching lives and positively influencing the system, one high-heeled step at a time.

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