Three Things I Learned In My Quarter-life Year

It’s time for us to review the almost 365 days that passed. As traditions may be, this one could be ill-received and neglected, but it is still widespread done nonetheless. Reflecting is a good way to prepare for yet another year. Coincidentally, it is a year of transition for me because I crossed that golden bridge between college life and employee-hood this year, therefore inviting adulthood into my life.

Here is what a 25-year old, struggling artist/ part-time employee has learned in a year of transition:

First: It’s okay to make mistakes, but try to limit them.

I am a slow learner, but once I acquire a skill, I never unlearn it. So I always allow myself to make mistakes when I try something new, and I don’t go hard on myself. When I started out in my job in a traditional set-up– with cubicles, coffee, bosses, meetings, you get it– I allowed myself a few mess ups. A little warning though, one too many could get you in trouble. So try to limit your mistakes, this means you should learn fast from your early mistakes and never make them twice.

Second: Think hard on starting a task because you need to follow through.

I hear the words ‘you should follow through’ a lot, trust me. In the so called adult world, this is a certified favorite. It’s true but let me add a little more to that. Think about what you are getting yourself into because it will save you the stress of having to follow through. Is this thing worth following through? Why does it look like I will gain more by giving up now than finishing it all the way? Thinking about it before actually starting will save you the doubts you usually have in the middle of trying to get to your end goal.

Third: Wake up everyday with a personal goal in mind.

It may be as small as avoiding that extra cup of rice today or it could be a continuing effort of not smoking a cigarette. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s something outside of your workload, like meeting a deadline or finishing a report. This way, your mind will not be so focused on your work, but on yourself. At the end of the day, you will realize you have set a personal goal and you did yourself a favor by achieving it.

Those are the things I learned in my 2015, I had other small tokens of wisdom like: exercise after eating pizza, or start your Monday with at least 5 minutes of alone time, but those are small league compared to those which I initially mentioned.

My top three things could be too familiar for your taste, but sometimes I find the things we already know the hardest things to do. So I’m starting with the basics. Maybe next year my list would include pull-ups or discount finds, I’ll never know because it’s a random world we’re living in.

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