I heard her say, “Yesterday was a disaster!”
And I couldn’t agree more.
A school girl was embarrassed, a lowly salesman was fired, a newborn died.
A day, two months, ten years – it doesn’t matter how long.
Yesterday is on a hunt to haunt.

But it was also yesterday that I discovered that
Yesterday was like a dream.
It’s a place full of memories, of past adventures
And fulfilled hearts.
It was yesterday that handed me
The chance to reminisce, to connect the dots,
To see the Plan, and answer the “Whys”.


I pity Mondays, because nobody likes them.
Bless the heavens for Fridays, but Mondays they despise.
“Tomorrow is another day!” feels like a bad premonition.

They say tomorrow is gloomy, I say it’s bright.
But who knows, they might be right!
No one can tell – the stars, the wind, the bells.

But what I know, and I hold as true:
Tomorrow is a land of dreams and new things.
Tomorrow is a clean slate,
A blank page that exists and
Eagerly waits solely for your story!
Tomorrow is a place reached only by imagination,
By courage and dreams!
There is nothing more beautiful, more free,
More powerful than Tomorrow.
And your Tomorrow begins today.


Today is either a tired dad in a house of chaos and baby poo,
Or a Mr. Incredible to his precious ones.
Today is either a 10-hour battle with boredom
And the monotony of desktop keys,
Or the early morning sunlight peeping through the office glass
To perk up a tired soul.
Today is either the usual walk from a busy home
To a pressure-cooker of a school,
Or a stroll on the street armed with your pen and paper
And dream.

There’s nothing more promising than Today!
To wake up to 24 hours of joy and fruitfulness and potential.
Today is awesome because YOU CHOOSE IT TO BE.
Today is awesome because YOU OWN IT.

About the Contributor

Kimberly Ante is a future scientist and world-changer. Currently a Biology major at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, she spends her extra time collecting insights — from movies, books, field exercises and even waiting in line — and writes or draws about them in her messy journals. She lives to wonder, discover, and empower.

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