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To CBTL, With Much Love

Looking back, I have welcomed 2014 with much enthusiasm looking forward to a lot of things! Last year, I have well thought of what to do for the year that is about to come; something different, something worth my time and something that I’m sure will make me thank myself in the future.

So I thought of what I like doing and where my heart is. I asked myself, what is my passion?

Crafting first came to mind.

As I spent more time thinking about it, I then ended up having a goal, which is to explore more of the creative side of myself.

I know that ever since I was young, I already had the heart for anything related to it.  I started early with scrapbooking, cross-stitching, and hand lettering but never really made time for it. So I said to myself, in 2014, I would make time for these activities to hone my skills more and be better at it. It will also be a year of learning for me!

Getting the 2014 Giving Journal added a push!

The planner didn’t just served its plain purpose to help me plan out my activities and keep track of whatever else I needed to do. Moreover, it kept me motivated with its weekly reminders and quotes. It helped me keep my eyes on the goal and continue taking steps in achieving it. This year, I was able to attend various workshops and seminars wherein I learned new skills and have gained tons of new insights, and also met new acquaintances.

In a Goal-setting (and Basic Chalk Lettering) workshop I attended last January, I have written a goal that in 5 years time, hopefully I’ll be able to share — my passion in crafting through one-on-one or small group workshops. To be able to do that, I would need to further explore what skills I can still learn, what to practice, and what to master which serves as my short-term goals. And so, that was what I kept on doing this year. Surprisingly, after more than 9 months of exploring, learning, and sharing all those in social media, there are some inquiring if I can hold a mini workshop for them!

I’m no master yet. I still have a lot to learn! But I’m glad on how things turned out. Nothing touches a heart better than knowing that you inspire others just by doing what you love and sharing what you can! It feels great to be an encouragement and to know that you’re blessed to bless others.

I’m grateful for the times CBTL featured my posts in Instagram and when I also got the chance to attend the Feature Writing 101 workshop when they had chosen my lettering as an entry. I’m grateful for the team behind the concept of brewing your best year and becoming the best version of yourself!

To CBTL team, I’m just one of many lives you have greatly impacted with your hard work and dedication! I know it’s your job and it’s your responsibility, but I see your work not just as work itself. I see the heart you also have with what you do and I’d like to let you know that the time and effort you are putting into it don’t go to waste. I appreciate it and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does!

The 2014 Giving Journal helped me put my thoughts into writing, which helped me achieve my goals, and kept me inspired all the more. The Giving Journal has been a witness to the best days of my 2014! Now, I’m nothing but excited to get the 2015 Giving Journal, to plan for next year, to experience more wonderful things and again have my planner witness my growth! 😀

Thank you, CBTL! 🙂

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  1. Rowell Cruz says:

    I think what really sets CBTL’s The Giving Journal from the others is that it has the heart and the mission to be able to touch lives. And reading stories like this is really inspiring. 🙂