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Traveling in the Fast Lane of Life

Nowadays, it feels like such a struggle for people who live fast-paced lives to pause and ask themselves how they’ve been. 

For so long, I have forgotten all about myself. I became stuck in a trance that I never knew I was in to begin with until I realized that there was something amiss in my life. I’d often catch myself thinking of what it is, leading me to a constant inquiry with myself about how I’ve truly been and what makes me happy. And it was only recently when I finally found what it is that I was missing.

Everyday, more or less, we encounter the same routines. Some of us don’t realize this, but some of us just succumb to it for fear of an unfamiliar, unknown, or unwanted change. We keep up with the routine because this where we feel most secure. But I’ve realized that to find the answers to most of my questions, it is necessary to somewhat let this sense of security go.

And I did. I opened myself up to the unknown, relieved that the answer was plain and simple. It involved a lot of reaching out to others and to my surprise it also involved a lot of them reaching out to me. This is where I found the answer to my question.

What makes me happy? Amidst the trance we all are in, there is nothing better than knowing someone out there loves you and someone you love is out there. Knowing we all are destined for one thing, happiness. That we all are programmed to find it somehow, with someone or by ourselves. That it can be found in the littlest to the biggest thing. That it comes in all shapes and sizes, immaterial or material. I seem to be out of words at this point, I can’t seem to bring myself to write down everything that makes me happy but nevertheless, I am glad to have found it. To have found it in others and to have found it in myself.

I realized, it isn’t too hard to find yourself and what makes you happy. It only takes a different perspective to appreciate things more and more. As a final word, life is as colorful and meaningful as you make it to be. Life is what you make it.


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