True to Ourselves

They said that our values are formed during our early childhood years. And those values that we have learned in our lives are already hard to remove from our system. Those values define who are – what we want to do in life and how we relate with other people.

Some people undergo “identity crisis”, maybe because of peer pressure and influence, and maybe because they just want to belong. Unfortunately, some people forget the values they have learned when they make decisions in their lives or when they act in any situation. And unfortunately for some, the things they have done didn’t make them happy.

It is normal, especially for teens, to want to belong. But for some, time comes when they realize what truly makes them happy. They start to realize if the decisions they have made in the past brought them good or bad things. They start to know and understand themselves more and they start to act and make decisions based on their experiences and values.

Let us be thankful to the people who taught and showed us good values. Let us try to apply and share those values in our lives. We’ll realize that it is important as we journey to finding our true selves.

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Rowell Cruz currently works as a Systems Analyst/Programmer. He loves music and blogging. He shares that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been a special part of his life because it is where he and his friends usually have friendly conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. It has also given him the opportunity to reach out and express his thoughts and opinions through its Giving Journal.

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