I like to call it the TWIN-DROME

How often do you come up with excuses to escape gym time? How many “balik-alindog” new years resolutions have you broken? How many times have you cancelled your beach trips for being not beach-ready? Yeah,I get it. Working out really takes a lot of effort, which is exactly why you need someone, other than your will power to motivate you. I’m not suggesting that you should have your mom breathing down your neck every time you’re feeling lazy nor do I mean stalking your ex’s new girl and competing with her. What I need you to do is to have a workout buddy who is as serious and dedicated as you. 

Ever notice how twin siblings, aside from being equally attractive, are equally competent and regarded as achievers? Well, I have and I’d like to call it the Twin Syndrome. Twin-drome for short. 

Being born a twin is both a blessing and a curse. They always get two of everything. It’s like they have two brains, they have a lifetime partner, they manage to fool people with their identities, and a lot more. There are a million reasons to prove that having a twin is really awesome but at the same time, it sucks that they constantly have to deal with getting compared to each other. Since birth, people have been comparing them from head to toe and it’s tough. But it’s inevitable. As a result, most of the time they are pushing themselves to be counted as the ‘better twin’. As much as they love their twin, they’re also is their biggest competition. This is what that pushes twins to excel more than the typical human being and this is something that those who weren’t blessed to have a twin can learn from.

We can boost our workout routines by having a pseudo-twin in a gym partner/buddy. Doing so would be equivalent to having daily motivation quotes on your wall and having a constant voice in your head that’ll make you do things you can’t find the strength to do yourself. Whenever you feel too lazy to hit to the gym, just think about your partner’s progress after getting ahead of you by one day. That’d surely keep you off the bed faster than a neighborhood fire. This will condition your mind every morning and get rid of the constant mind games that deal with getting dressed or staying on the couch.

You only need one. Not two, not three. Just one, good enough to be called your psychological twin. Why? Having more than one won’t be as effective because you wouldn’t be as pressured as when being the sole competition in a buddy system; Having more than one partner won’t entail immediate competition between two people and it won’t make you push yourself as hard. Plus, you’d have more to think about.

I personally believe that having one gym buddy is most effective and efficient, though having more than one can also work depending on your preference. Whatever it is that keeps you on the treadmill and off your bum, whether it’s a person, group, or secret motivation, having one is always better than none. Get started now!


(Disclaimer: There is no scientific basis whatsoever to the Twin Syndrome. My opinions are formed purely from my personal experience and observations.)

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