Two Ears

Admit it: we have selective hearing.

It is not different from filtering what we see on Facebook or who we follow on Instagram and Twitter. We select a few we would only want to get updates from–what they did last weekend, their unsolicited drama, and their whereabouts.

This problem, perhaps, comes from our impatience or our attitude towards the person, the discourse, or just everything; oftentimes, we don’t like to listen at all. We just want to get things done without really letting ourselves know why the other person wants you to listen.

We tend to forget that we have two ears and one mouth. We don’t realize that we need to listen more and talk less; understand more, and judge less.

We forget the importance of listening, as we think it doesn’t matter or is not as important as writing, speaking, or reading. We believe that listening is a tedious process, but it is through listening that we open ourselves to the world. It is not through talking that we get other people’s trust or compassion, but it is through who we share our lives with and who we listen to that matter.

It is through listening that we get to know the other person: why he is who he is, what motivates him, what makes him cringe, his woes, and his inspiration. It is through listening that the world becomes our confidante, as we get to be close to the sound that we oftentimes take for granted.

So, listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to reply.

The more we understand the different sides of the story, the more we extend what we know and the better we become students of life.

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Genesis Santos is the guy behind Project 365 – 365 Quotes, 365 Days, 365 Musings Project. Aside from his daily blog posts, he balances his passion with his ambassadorship-cum-business venture, loves photography, traveling, and food; he currently spends one-third of his day as an Advertising Account Manager, and disassociate with the world through his comfort food – plain yoghurt, Hany/Chocnut, and Flat Tops. He dreams of becoming CEO of his future businesses – a coffee shop with twelve tables in the list.

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