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I’m a Sales Engineer by profession but an artist by heart. It all started 10 years ago when I ventured into worship music and arts. I felt that creativity was in my DNA until one day, I realized that there were several other artists and musicians that were far better than I was. I realized that I was just a nobody in the art industry; there were thousands of artists in the world and I could not find my place there. To cut the long story short, the passion died and I was left doing something else. I tried other things which I thought I would excel in. I was trained to be a leader in the student government and in our church. I never went back to art.

Until a series of events led me to a great revelation from God.

First, in 2007, I created a name for my blog in Multiply (unfortunately the site closed down) called Marshydoodles — despite the fact that I was no longer interested to create visual arts. I only wanted to write poems and songs; that was all. The name of the blog was inspired by my dorm mates whose blogs or emails were named ‘melodyjoyrocks’ and ‘mariscribbles’. I felt the need to just add a verb and I thought, why not doodle?

Second, in 2010, I dreamt about people noise-barraging outside our house just to buy my artworks that looked like kids’ doodles. In my dream, they were really interested in my art.

Third, in 2013, someone prophesied about me being creative in a unique and ‘quirky’ way. He said that I would soon be expressing myself in a really different way, and that it would be beautiful.

Lastly, I was praying one day to the Lord and He just impressed in my heart that I was His daughter. I said, “Yes, Dad, I know that.” But that wasn’t just it. He made me realize this very thing that, up until now gives me that ‘kilig’ feeling and inspiration to keep creating. It goes this way:

“Everything you create is uniquely beautiful because the One who created you made you beautiful too. Man’s standards will no longer be the norm because it’s His only his standards that matter. And your works will never ever fail these standards. Just as He is a very good Creator, so you will be. Your works will bring healing, blessing, joy, and hope to those who will see them. They will praise your Heavenly Father because of them.”

This revelation really changed my life. I believe that it wasn’t just an accident that God sent different people to make me realize what I was born to do. He reminded me of who I was in Him and of what I was called to be. You can never really bury a dream simply because you fear that you are not good enough; believe me, God will do all the possible things to pull you back up and you will be given the courage to pursue what He Himself ignited in your heart from the beginning. I am thankful for the people who believed in what I can do and in return, I would like to do the same. I want to inspire people to ‘unleash the rainbows’ within them. I would love to be an instrument to encourage people to reach their dreams. Forget about who we were in the past. We either failed or made mistakes but one day, you will awaken with that dream alive within you to pursue what you really want and you will realize that this is something that should be done now.

I said it’d be a short story but I think I was carried away while typing. I want to end this by sharing a poem I made last 2011- view the poem here.



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Mars Lago is an engineer by profession and an artist by heart.

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