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Walk, Stop, and Enjoy Life

Have you ever thought of a destination to walk to but as time passed by, your mind shifted from your destination to the places around you? Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh just be it. Let me enjoy this walk.”? Have you ever thought of taking it all, one moment, one step at a time?

One time, my boyfriend and I had a date after class and we took the time to walk. At first, the only reason I wanted to walk was for the benefit of my body and to spend more time with him. But I found that I enjoyed walking under the moonlight with him. We would stop by stores, establishments which we  wouldn’t have noticed had been there the past years had we not walked. We discovered various finds- from action figures, lamps, hats, collector’s merchandise to posters. We even stopped at an ukay-ukay, entering because of the low prices that were flashed outside, but being disappointed in the end because the prices displayed weren’t the actual prices. We kept looking around, not noticing that it was already late. The walk that was supposed to be a walk to the terminal turned out to be a walk of discovery and a little taste of wanderlust.

I woke up at exactly 5AM today, and I thank the Lord that He had given me the energy to get up and take an early morning jog with my cousin and two dogs. We jogged and walked around our place and walked to the market which was a bit far from our house and bought fresh hot pandesal. It was my first time again to wake up early just for a jog. I admired how the people in our place ran errands early in the morning; like buying pandesal for their family, exercising, or just sitting outside their houses waiting for the sun to rise while taking a sip of coffee from their cups. These little things bring life to us humans which we, sometimes, just neglect.

Life may give us unexpected twists along the way but the trick is to just bask in it and enjoy the journey, especially the simple moments. We don’t notice that we’re always in a hurry and we forget to slow down sometimes. We need to give ourselves time for meditation, reflection and realization. A time for the people that matter most, a time for ourselves. A time to live, to walk, to pause and enjoy life!

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Augustin Ra is an Elle Woods wannabe and a caffeinated book junkie who writes for The Shield and blogs at She’s a business administration student, major in marketing at Colegio De San Juan De Letran – Bataan.

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