We Can Be Something From Nothing

“Starting from nothing isn’t impossible if one is willing to become something—— that little by little… you could still enjoy the success and happiness you never dreamed before”

There are times in life when in the eyes of others you’re seen as “nothing”, there would also be times when you just find yourself useless; and those darkest moments of your life let’s you find out that.. yes, you have nothing but still… you are who you are and that is the driving force for you to do something to make a change out of your nothing-ness. ​

Childhood days were the happiest days of my life where I could actually be spoiled and be like a princess; let me say it’s the stage where almost everyone felt that feeling of completeness. Then after that stage, challenges started during my highschool years. I’ve lost my parents (due to health complications), I’ve lived a financially-challenged life, I’ve lost a few number of friends and that’s the darkest moment when I really felt being nothing.

I knew the future would be hard, to recover at the same time be the best version of myself because the environment I am in (from a well-known private school) doesn’t seem to be in-sync with the simple just-the-average-type student self despite how I hardly tried to project myself as not really far from who they are.

I then made some adjustments through the tough HS life til’ I graduated. Later on university life came—— a life of independence, dedication and service, became the light to start becoming something from nothing. College days made me realize I could still do more despite being down, I started to join organizations and serve the community as much as I can. Doing outreach with the community was also moments where I realized I could be an inspiration and influence to many others. Luckily, I also had the chance to get to know some of the “big (cool) peeps” in the corporate world which gave me opportunities to work with them in fields of advertising and photography. Through my ‘self-taught’ talents, free trainings and extraordinary education from the college, I’m proud and grateful for every little experience I had because it made me become who I am today.

From nothing I was turned into something, this is a part of my success and to be continued. All of us have this freedom to grow, improve one’s self, develop our talents and be the best version of ourselves for others——365 and counting… let’s make the future brighter and brighter!


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Cherry Lim is an active student from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde at the same time a photographer and graphic designer. Coffee lover x12092402430.

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