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Solving Hunger with Soup Logic Foundation

By providing hot and healthy meals to people in need, Soup Logic Foundation aims to solve hunger – one bowl of soup at a time. “We are trying to change the world by spreading good vibes through our healthy vegetable soup. We want to promote the culture of empathy, kindness and LOVE,” they write on their website.

Read more about their advocacy from founder Ace Laurence Sayat himself, as he talks about their goals for the project, and how the easiest – and hardest – thing about giving, is starting.


1. Who are you and what do you do?

– Name: I’m Ace Laurence Sayat founder of the movement. My Generals Sani Adarme, Katrina Andrea, and Rogelio Castillo.
– Age: 30
– What do you do? Freelance filmmaker/Helper/ Spiritual Warrior.

2. Can you tell us about your advocacy?
Soup Logic’s mission is to change the world by ending hunger. I know it may sound crazy, but small minds can’t comprehend bigger minds. So if you’re one of those laughing at us, you’ll see. It’s going to happen. We are going to disrupt the pattern by having unlimited free food for every hungry person in the streets.

3. What made you decide to start this venture?
It came from my Muse, Creator, Universe – whatever you want to call it. It’s like a prophecy that I got from the small mountain in Baler. And it’s about time. We’ve had enough of the system. We have enough resources for everybody, enough abundance for all, enough technology, enough information. It’s about time for a change.

4. What is your vision for this project? What do you hope to achieve?
A world without hunger. We are going to disrupt the pattern of capitalism. We are going to create an avenue of abundance for the people in need. We are awake, and we’re being creative on how we can create an impact to this flawed system. There is obesity on one side, and there is hunger of malnutrition on the other end. We are making a path in the middle. The more people in the movement, the bigger the chance we can’t do it alone, and just like any revolution, we do the need the power of the people. If there will be more people willing to help join us in cooking basic, highly nutritious soup that’s cheap, we can sustain cooking larger amounts of soup.

Our recipe is a healthy soup with vegetables, chicken broth, and coconut milk, inspired by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Our vision is to create a way for people at home to help and come together in ending hunger. If there are more people willing to give out love, our soup will be the greatest revolution in our history. It’s funny, because almost every revolution required guns or weapons, but our revolution is different. It’s a simple soup but it was made out of Love.

5. What are some of the challenges that you experienced? How did you overcome them?
How to start was the main challenge. Almost every good idea ends up on the backburner because people do not make actions about it. To overcome this, you just need to start by starting. Starting really small is the key. It doesn’t need to be so formal. Most people who help would make the whole process a little more complicated.

We don’t have the resources as well, so we have to be creative and find effective, cheap, simple, quick, and scientific ways to start this venture.

6. Can you tell us about your project’s key milestones? How were you able to achieve them?

Our key milestone is actually starting. If you don’t get how hard starting may be, perhaps you never started anything. Staying on this path is another game, but starting, my friend, is the most important milestone. How to achieve them by just jumping, by not thinking, by not letting the voice of our egos control the wheel, and by focusing on the purpose and how big it is. By believing that we are being guided by God. If you know God is guiding you, nothing can stop you.

7. What inspires you to give back to community?

We don’t need inspiration to give back. We were led to believe that to give back, you need inspirations, but we don’t believe that. Helping should be simple, even as common as using a toothbrush or eating. It should be part of our daily priorities. It’s one of the best things to do in this lifetime. Your soul will crave for it. It’s one of the reasons why you showed up in this reality. I don’t know if you already get this but we’re just one. We’re all one, so love your brothers as you love yourself, and do unto others what you want others do unto you. Because in a sense you’re also helping yourself by helping them. We believe that what we think is separation is life’s greatest illusion.

8. What message do you have for today’s generation?

It’s our time! We live in the now. Together, we can change this to a better future where no one’s hungry. Let’s make this generation the best generation ever. The generation that made the difference. Let’s make this part of history the crucial part. The time where the patterns get disrupted! Let’s make sure our great great grandsons and daughters see this time as the golden age of helping, empathy and love. We can’t do this alone, but together we can change the world. Join us and let’s be legends together!

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