What If Change Does Not Come?

As I take the same route going to work everyday, I realize how mundane life can get.

People rush in the morning, so they can reach their offices on time. Eight hours later, they go home, rushing still, eager to rest their tired bodies from a day’s work.

These questions fill my head:

What if instead of gaining, our focus is nailed on giving?

What if instead of rushing, we take our time and feel every beat of our heart?

What if instead of taking the same route everyday, we explore or share our whole being to people we will meet along the way?

What if this world knows no rush and we stand witness to the rising and setting of the sun every single day?

What if this world is different, much different from what we woke up to this morning?

So this is my challenge: let’s act towards gaining a new perspective on the things we normally see as routine and use this perspective to be more giving as humans.

Let’s not search the internet to go to a place, but instead, let’s give time to interact, ask questions, and connect face-to-face until we get to our destination.

In the midst of a morning rush, when people strive to make a living, try to slow down and interact with some vendors on the streets, buy something from them, and give to others who live in the streets. After all, for them, the morning rush is a chance to survive. View this as a chance to help them survive.

Bring a couple of old clothes or blankets with you to work. Then after a day’s work, take time to stop by to comfort those who are struggling to find somewhere to sleep on and give them your old clothes/blankets. This will keep them warm for the nights they’ll be spending in the streets.

There is so much to see. There is so much to thank for. There is so much to be. There is more than just you.

It’s time to step outside our tiny little speck of space and truly, deeply live.

The world is vast, so we might as well live a life for others who might remember us to pass on the goodness they saw in our gestures.

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