What Life Just Taught Me

If I think about my life now, I can say I started my early years learning from my own mistakes and failures– whether it’s about financial, relationship, spiritual, school, or time management matters. I’ve failed in some of my business ventures, I experienced spending my money on worthless things, I had once disregarded my old friends to focus on my career, and so on. I’ve been on ups and downs several times and I have to say that I LEARNED from those disappointing moments.

My learning journey didn’t end there though. I realized that if successful people like CEO’s and billionaires can find time to read books despite their busy schedule, shouldn’t I do too? Later did I learn that when we read a book, we do not just simply read words printed on so many pages. We read the lives of people who had spent thousands of hours on their practice, experiences, mistakes, failures, and lessons to compile the main points, turning them into books. This changed my perspective about the world and about life.

The insight about learning and how it can impact someone’s life is how the person who receives the knowledge will take the time to apply it on himself. I always apply “ACTION” to the term learning. It is not enough to “know” things until that knowledge takes place in our lives. Unless we do something about it, that’s the only time we learn.

Also, learning reminds me that I am not perfect, and that imperfection allows me to reach more and become better. Every learning opportunity is a way to a deeper understanding about Life. When we make mistakes, when we read books, when we listen to other people’s stories, we then realize that life has more to tell. Understanding this adds up to the value of who we become.

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Fibi Roberto is a Filipino Writer, Blogger, Book Lover, Businesswoman, Student, Survivor and RunningMan Fan, and the Ordinary Girl Loved by the Extraordinary God.

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