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What Makes You Tick?

I work two separate occupations, one is configured as a mind-intensive (sometimes physical) profession and the other involves physical-intensive workout.

My line of work has always been inclined to the marketing and creatives department where I work for one of the highly recognized food & beverage brands in its industry for almost 4 years. To define it more clearly, I work with a small team that is under the constant pressure of driving effective end-to-end marketing strategies to keep up with our competitors. For the benefit of some of my readers, end-to-end marketing covers a whole process of conceptualization, design, communication, execution, up to the end goal of making a customer buy! It’s our responsibility to always drive new things to keep our customers engaged. We’re that small squad who takes charge of making sure everyone was always talking about the brand.

On the other hand, I may be one of the longest serving members of a dance team named La Salle Dance Company- Street (LSDC-Street) – specifically 10 years now, and counting. LSDC-Street is the official street dance group of De La Salle University- Manila specializing in street and hip hop dance. Through time, the team has become respected for its skill, versatility, and creativity in dance, not to mention, the group is already being recognized in local and international competitions as well as for its worthy concert productions that we mount every year.

One of the highlights of this whole journey was when our team represented the Philippines in the 2012 and 2013 World Hip Hop Dance Championships back in Las Vegas. We’re humbled to rank 6th and 4th place in the world respectively, and it still never fails to overwhelm me every time I’d share this. The World Hip Hop Dance Championships is dubbed as the “Olympics of Dance” and is being led by official licensees around the world who have respect for the origins of hip hop. In simpler terms, it is globally big time. And I’ve had the greatest opportunity to share the stage with so many amazing dancers around the world, to inspire and be inspired.

I’ve been blessed to live two different worlds apart.

But it isn’t that easy.

My day would look something like this at its peak:

40% of my day is spent at work
30% is spent in dance/ training
10% for my personal activities
20% for sleep (a deep one)

For some of you, it’s not the most ideally fit lifestyle a human being can have. Obviously there is less time for sleep, especially less time for oneself. And I’d say a lot of active individuals can relate to this as I speak. Truth is, it takes a few years to learn to practice the art of balance.

“How do you do it?” This has been the question that was always posed to me in a few years now.

Keeping up with the demands of my career while I maintained my endurance in such high intensity training was definitely a daily grind.

You have to know, if there’s a strong will, there’s always a way.

One way my insane routine is able to thrive in these responsibilities is to keep myself reminded of a few motivational statements out there that, to me, have been proven philosophies. It takes heart to own them and believe in them. And I hope one way or another this can apply in your own personal set of goals.


“The power to do more” – Dell

There is only 24 hours a day and yet a limitless capacity of the mind to focus on what we truly want.

If you want to maximize your abilities, commit to an exercise that has the best kind of finished line you’d ever desire in the end. It can simply be getting your body into good shape, tightening the skin on your thighs, toned arms, a 6-pack abs, lose 15 pounds, increased stamina, it’s your call.

Remember that nothing is ever achievable on a one-day basis. Our high-intensity training is like a pit of burning fire because of the drills we have to go through almost daily. We’re nuts about instant fitness workout. With 10 minutes (give or take) for every 3 nights a week, we turn our body into a fat-burning super-engine. The rest is cardio and a cumulative of a hundred run-throughs of a 4-min choreography – there’s no giving up.

You might have guessed it, I get zombied out at work by day (we usually use the word “die” out of hilarity)

But the point is, even though you think you don’t have the time in the world to sweat a little action, there IS time. Make time for it. 10 minutes (give or take), it’s possible. Recognize your body’s capacity. You just have to WANT it. At the end of your programme, you’d be surprised by the results of your hard work(out).


“Impossible is nothing” – Adidas

The idea of achieving a lot more things than the usual is “going completely mental” for work and for training. Suffice it to say, “what the mind conceives, your body can achieve.”

My corporate job puts me in a different competitive playing field. I always have to keep up with smart ideas, skill, and good results at work. This similarly applies to my leadership role in the dance team, however let’s highlight the wonders of physical training. It is crucial that the group constantly thrives for artistic excellence in the dance arena. It’s a constant battle for endurance, technique, power, and performance level.


Set your mind to work by day. And set your mind and body to training by night (you can also say by the weekend). Exercise helps more when you go back to your work the next day. There is something about the adrenalin that runs through your blood vessels, corrects your body, and keeps you more awake during the day. Your body may be in pain, but think positively. Did you know that your brain does more creative work when you’re tired? It sounds crazy, but it’s one of the reasons why great ideas often happen in the shower after a long day.

Take time to admit that you’re tired, but keep the drama short. Life is a matter of perspective, choose if you want to stay long in believing you’re extremely tired or happily believe that you’re close to your finish line. If you really want it, you’ll go for it. Take it from Muhammad Ali who said, “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.”


“Just do it” – Nike

Pursue what you’re passionate about. In order to make it through, understand your personal energy, internalize the higher purpose behind the things you do. When you have a higher purpose, you’ll keep a more conscious eye on the results of your works.

After you’ve grasped the essence of your career and your activities, learn how to manage them altogether by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Budget your time and also your energy. Take advantage of helpful apps to keep you organized. Set your calendar, an alarm if needed, write on your journal, keep a record of your to-do’s in your notes.

According to science, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs dictates that man seeks Esteem and Self-fulfillment. We hardly declare it, but a typical human desires a feeling of confidence, value, and glory. Self-actualization looks at the full potential of oneself and discover the most that one can actually accomplish.

You have a multitude of things you want to do. Don’t just achieve them, master them.


“Success. It’s a mind game.” – Tag Heuer

Think like a champion, train like a champion. Certainly, all of the professional athletes we see on ESPN are conditioned to be like this.

You don’t have to be an athlete in order to achieve something. I’m telling you to be inspired by people who can manage strenuous work and yet can still be happy at the end of the day. Goals can be simple. It’s making it through that makes it challenging. Dare yourself to be an achiever, and maybe of a little more than one thing.

If you’re into jogging, be good at it. If you’re used to balancing your diet, be good at it. If you still haven’t tried to get your body out of your seat, you have to think again. Most of the daily grind we go through is about PUSHING. When you get tired, it’s the harder you have to push.

One good way to take control of yourself is to keep your vision towards your end goal. Take it one at a time and think of one thing that would make you feel a sense of achievement. When you have it, stay focused in that goal. If you sincerely want to be successful, this will gradually affect your behavior, your perception of certain situations (meetings, exercise, to do’s, demands from your bosses, managerial responsibilities, anything) will become motivational rather than discouraging. This will also change your personality when it comes to being busy. Your thoughts and emotional makeup will be stronger. Keep yourself balanced in a multitude of things. Once you master them, you know you can be one step closer to success.

Since I signed up for busy days and nights, life has significantly changed. And I don’t bluntly toss the statement as something cliché, but put it simply CHANGED is not a shallow word. It has put a real depth into everything – physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual aspects of my person. If you’re struggling to find a balance in a variety of things you want to achieve in life, you’re the only person who’s stopping yourself. This time, how about try to find yourself astounded by the amount of things you can actually accomplish.

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Elaine Dagoy is a full-time marketing professional and three-time participant in the World Hip Hop Dance Championships. She is an avid traveller, never forgets to indulge in sweets, is in constant discovery of little and incredible things, and is a dreamer of big possibilities. Keep up with Elaine’s pursuits on Instagram.

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