When Nothing Makes Sense

Have you ever felt like everything is going to just blow up one day? One bad thing after another keeps happening. Even when things seem to be going well, you second guess yourself and think, “Maybe this is temporary and it will all be horrible in the end.”

We try to fix things, make sense out of our surroundings, schedule our days around things we deem important—perhaps because of our innate need for order. Even the extroverts of all extroverts or spontaneous of all spontaneous need black and white in their lives too.

But sometimes, despite our efforts to put pieces together, nothing seems to make sense. Why am I not getting promoted? Why am I still single? Why do I keep distancing from people important to me? Why do I keep chasing one wrong person after the other? What’s wrong with me?

The moment we think we can understand, let alone control everything, we will start to self-destruct because we can’t control everything. Even the greatest head of state cannot turn a country’s destiny around all by himself. He needs his best generals, staff, and economists, along with other factors such as international relations, name it. How can one person control all of that? We just can’t control everything at once, and we don’t have to beat ourselves up about it. We have limits as human beings. There are things we just can’t grasp. Even doctors are astounded by things that happen but cannot be found in books.

Here’s a plot twist: when you are at your wits end because nothing makes sense, it’s actually not your problem. It’s comforting to know that a difficult task isn’t even ours to begin with. All our ‘what’s wrong with me’s’, ‘what am I doing wrong’s’, and ‘I’m so tired I just want to move on from this-es’… it’s not our burden to fulfill, apparently. The moment we approach God with our tired minds, life’s mystery will fall into place.

Human hands cannot heal a spirit and He’s the one who only can… and He will. Lift it up to Him.

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