When Tenderness is Considered a Strength

Have courage and be kind.

Having heard this line from a new version of a classic fairy tale has really kept me wondering for the past few months – in a world like ours, can those two characteristics go hand in hand?

The usual notion is that firmness and being able to tackle things head-on is the sign of a brave and courageous person. When your words blaze with fiery elements, you are considered a lionheart. When you go against the tidal wave and fight the conquerors that are threatening to claim your land, you are considered as someone who is fearless. But when we give in to that light-hearted feeling inside of us, it is usually depicted as something that’s on the other side of the coin.

A weakness.

But I beg to disagree.

There is no doubt that there is strength in standing up for yourself and for your principles, but to be caring in spite of all the chaos is one sign of fortitude. I’m not saying that you should be a martyr or anything like that, but to be unaffected and to derive away from the bitterness of the world – it is something. When you don’t let the negative forces enter and take over every vein in your body, that is resilience – a strength of character.

the light came
to me and
made me touch
everything that glowed —
the ports,
the sidewalks,
the shops along
the streets leading to our homes

it was the merry places
that i long to see

but i also remembered
that even the darkest of places
has hidden glimmers –

a distant light
a narrow sight”
— s.f.d.



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Salve Angeluz Dalmacio is a 17-year-old Communications student from Cavite. She is a lover of indie music, fluffy kittens, and creativity. She aspires to be a source of inspiration for other people and she works towards this goal by sharing her works filled with love through writings, poetry, and photography. When she’s not busy with school, she writes on her little and humble webspace at www.indiekitty.net. You may also reach her at salve@indiekitty.net.

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Artwork by JV Roman.

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