Work and Work Out

It’s a quarter to midnight and I just got home from a 12-hour workday. Not to mention the heavy traffic that cost me 2 hours of my life. Shortly after kicking my sneakers off and feeling the comfort of my toes on the concrete floor, I find myself hunched on my laptop, writing this piece.=

I’m drained, heavy-eyed, and will be completely knocked out by the time I get to bed but guess what? I’m going to be up at 6AM in my ponytail and candy colored gear to sweat buckets.

I’m one of those people who secretly wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day (Or probably not, cause that would only result to longer working hours). Apart from my frighteningly hectic day job, I make a couple of leisure tokens through my budding pastry business. These alone keep me in bed at a maximum of 5-6 hours a day, what more if I have to squeeze in girls’ night out or a romantic date? Long story short, People in my position would normally say: “I don’t have time to exercise.”

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you would have to make time for exercise. It doesn’t make time for you. No matter how heavy your list of priorities is, remember that keeping fit is just as essential.

Exercising only gives positive results. It boosts your mood, it makes you look ten years younger, and it makes you perform better (no pun intended).

I’ve noticed that I am more alert when I’ve had at least 15 minutes of physical activity before proceeding on to my day-to-day activities. I’m a lot perkier and more productive. While there are down days, it has practically become a routine. Much like getting my nails done and eating my meals, my body feels the need to have its dose of exercise at least thrice a week.

The problem is, when you speak of working out, people automatically think–Gym and easily get disheartened by the idea of heavy machines and perpetually flexing steroid-infused males. But keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean you have to target 0% body fat and look short of a deflated balloon. It just means that you have to allocate a portion of your time to exercise because the rewards are worthwhile.

Personally, I easily tire of routines and I’m very uncomfortable in public gyms. As an extremely active person, I’ve chosen sports as my outlet.

My company hosts a weekly badminton session, which is a great way to bond with co-workers instead of the typical 1-2 bottles after work. I also try to squeeze in a day or two of Frisbee games during the week but my weekends are dedicated to paddling and riding waves. Most of my girl friends are into yoga and some consistently run every morning. It’s all up to you, really. Even following simple workout apps on your phone can do wonders if done religiously.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise to your schedule and you should start working on it now. It’s all about finding what’s most suitable to you. So, do yourself a favor and find your dust-collecting pair of dumbbells. Your body will thank you.

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As a Structural Engineer in a male-dominated field, Kai tries to release all the excess testosterone she’s inadvertently absorbing through sports and exercise. She also makes orgasmic chocolate chip cookies. For a sweet fix – visit her instagram.

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