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It was much of a hodgepodge for my teenager self to choose between the arts, sciences, and medicine. If I had the choice to take them all up, I would, because choosing only one of them, for me, would mean the death of my other passions. But then I realized that choosing a course doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m choosing a single career path. So, I chose a course instead that I thought could give me a fulfilling job that could help others.

Who would have guessed that I would take up Speech-language Pathology, something so out of the norm for a man as a profession. Looking back at that period of confusion, I just can’t help but feel relieved that I made the right choice, and that I am now in a position of inspiring change and empowering others. I’ve learned to become passionate about my work because it gives me a sense of fulfillment and vicarious pride.

I am about to begin my internship and at this time, I am again in a state of disequilibrium. I can’t help but feel anxious. Instead of looking ahead too much and doubting myself, I know I should only surrender to the possibilities and make the best out of them.  I should let go of that fear and replace it with awe and gracious retreat. (Moved the sentence) Distressed as I am, I savor this moment and allow myself to learn along the way. I always try to remember that it’s okay to make minimal mistakes in order for me to grow.

What makes me strive to be confident is the thought that of our patients that need us dearly. With the Philippines having a limited number of SLPs, not all patients (that are comprised of both the pediatric and geriatric population) are able to avail of the services they need urgently. I feel more compassion for those who are in the rural areas where patients miss the critical time frame called the “golden period” often, the period wherein they benefit the most from speech-language therapy.

I look forward to helping  a client utter his first word, or helping a patient be admitted to a school. I feel excited to make a patient with inborn hearing loss interact and talk normally. I want to make that 20 year old guy who had a brain injury swallow again. I can’t wait to provide services to little kids, playing and having fun. I wish to serve so I could make that stroke patient talk to his beloved daughter again. I hope to make the last days of her grandmother most comfortable.

I found my vocation.

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