You Are A Fountain of Your Happiness

I guess we’ve all had those gloomy days when we simply want to shift to airplane mode. We’ve had those moments when the introvert in us trumps the extrovert; we ignore company and let the world be. Other details of these gloomy days may include our significant other calling it off, or our personal life seeming to hang by a thread. Some of us could be reading this while finding the light they need during the dark days in their lives.

We want to escape, to get rid of things bothering us, to disassociate from the playground that sometimes drags us down.

The world may be on your shoulders, but have you ever thought that these things will pass by, and you don’t need to carry all these burdens?

Read this aloud: I am strong. I am going to be better. I am loved, and an important entity in this world. Repeat that. This time, stand in front of a mirror.

Did it ever occur to you, that there are times when the only cheerleader you need is yourself? Did you forget that life is about celebrating the good and bad, the triumphs and failures? I hope you realize that everything is a blessing we should keep and be thankful for. There are real and cruel depressing moments we will encounter, but that doesn’t mean we are beings of lesser values.

You are your own source of happiness, and you are the repository of good things yourself. It is not everyday that you will have these gloomy days. Embrace adversities, and welcome positive energies surrounding you. You won’t carry the weight of the world for too long.

You are loved. You are a gem. You are enough.


Cheer up!

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