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Your Coffee Bean Story: Yvette Diangson

“I ventured into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® because of their teas… but what made me really connect with the brand was their Caring Cup program and their advocacies. We all have something to share with others—that’s what I’ve learned in Church and that’s also what Coffee Bean tells us. You have time? Surely, you can give time. You have extra clothes? You can donate your extra clothes to those in need.

Coffee Bean has made me think beyond the tea I’m drinking. Their activities lead you to think beyond, and triggers change in your life. I’m glad that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® provides that kind of avenue for us.” – Yvette Diangson

State your full name and what you do.
I’m Yvette Diangson. My role is a worship service coordinator. I know it’s very specific to Church but if you would like to make it generic, it’s an events coordinator.

How did you find out about Coffee Bean? How long have been a customer?
It was around 2010 or 2009. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I like tea… that’s why I ventured into Coffee Bean. I started out with English Breakfast and then I tried African Sunrise, and I said to myself, “Wow this is more aromatic”. I’m only drinking cold drinks now because it’s so hot, but I like the tea bags and tea latte that the brand offers. You have fine teas here and not as expensive as the other tea places.

How do you describe tea as a part of your daily routine?
I’m a very “on-the-go” kind of person. People always ask me what I’m up to! I’m always here and there, and tea, for me, is a time to cool down, to relax, and to remind myself, “Hey, slow down.” If I need to write, I need to accomplish something, tea helps me.

If you could remember your earliest experiences with Coffee Bean, how were they like?
What I like about Coffee Bean is it shares a part of my life. I’m with Church and there’s a lot of things that we hold, that we value, and I find that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® shares the same things. One of the things that made me connect to the brand is their advocacies. I’ve always wanted to share a part of my day with orphans for example. Then, with Caring Cup, they were going to bring a group of kids from this certain orphanage to the Mind Museum, and they asked “Can you be one of their “Ate’s” for a day?” And then I replied “Why not?” so I signed up and I got picked.

How was the experience?
Very unforgettable! I got to chaperone a girl, she was very young. We were going around and she had a foot condition. She was wearing closed shoes and so she was having a hard time with it and I felt that she was so uncomfortable, she was not enjoying the day anymore. Then I remembered that I had brought extra clothes and shoes. To my surprise, they fit her perfectly. Nag-iba ‘yung aura niya kasi hindi na uncomfortable ang paa niya. That was the thing that definitely made that day unforgettable.

Why is it important that Coffee Bean shared the similar values that you have?
All of us have things to share with others—that’s what I’ve learned in Church and that’s also what The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® tells us. You have time? Surely you can give time. You have extra clothes, you can donate your extra clothes to those in need. I’m just glad that the brand provided that kind of avenue for us. Not just through the Caring Cup… there were other activities where I got to meet friends that I’m friends with until now.

Do you have a memorable experience with our staff?
I wanted a purple Giving Journal. I went to this certain store, and it was out of stock at that branch; the barista went through the trouble of asking for which Coffee Bean branch was nearest. She called the other stores just for me. I went to the one along EDSA, and when I got there, they reserved the Giving Journal, the purple one.

Why do you think this is a significant part of their service?
They went the extra mile. They could have said “Sorry po. Until supplies last lang po eh.” Plus, they were more friendly. To refer to you on a first name basis is a really nice gesture for me.

Let’s talk about you. What are you passionate about?
I’d like to take on adventures. I like traveling, even on my own. What I like about traveling is that it’s more than just the sights. I like relating to people and the culture. Traveling is not just getting what you want out of the trip. But also, getting immersed in the culture, the people, understanding the place you’re in. I’m an information junkie.

Is there a way that Coffee Bean is integrated into your passions?
Yes! Well, first: it’s the wide range of choices that Coffee Bean offers. It makes you think farther. You think beyond the tea you’re drinking. Their activities lead you to think beyond, and triggers change in your life. Coffee Bean provides an avenue for that to take place.

In one sentence, what is your Coffee Bean story?
Coffee Bean helps me to explore more and think beyond where I am now.

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