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Your Mindset Is Making You Poor: Reasons to Put Off Investing for Every Season

I remember when I was still a college graduate who recently passed the nursing board exam. Naturally, my relatives expected me to look for a job here in the Philippines so I could go work abroad in the future, right?

But I didn’t do it. I never looked for a nursing job. Instead, I dabbled in entrepreneurship and writing.

Whenever people asked me why I haven’t applied yet, I’d make up a lot of excuses. Some of my reasons were:

– “Oh, I don’t feel like I’m ready for it yet.”

– “I don’t think a 19-year old can go abroad already?”

– “Sorry, I’m really clumsy, so…”

– “I haven’t completed my resume yet. Hehe!”


But the real reason why I never looked for a nursing job?

It was never my passion. Simply put, it was not important to me. And so I didn’t find a way to make it happen!

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(Note: Pursuing a freelance writing job, managing an online business and being a financial advisor are also never easy, but because they’re important to me, I always find a way to do them.)

If you’re committed to doing something, you’ll always find a way to succeed.

If not, you’ll always find a way to procrastinate.

Your mindset is an immensely powerful tool that can make or break your financial future. I can give you a thousand reasons to invest for your future, but if you’re not convinced that it’s important to you, then everything I say will just fall into deaf ears.

Kung ayaw, may dahilan. 

When I conducted a free financial talk last February, most of the attendees were eager to get started investing…but, they couldn’t yet.

Because February meant they had to spend for Valentine’s day.

I did the same free talk to a different group of people in June. ‘Awesome concept, Lianne! I didn’t know I could invest so I can gain higher potential rates than savings accounts…but, I couldn’t yet!’

June meant they had to pay for tuition fees, school-related expenses and baon. 

And just last week, I did a free financial talk with a company. The employees wanted to know what to do with their 13th month pay, and so I talked about investing as one of the options.

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They were really amazed with the power of investing for the long-term, but guess what?

-Ber months mean they wanted to buy Christmas gifts first, attend Christmas parties and just put off the investment until next year?

In every stage of your life, you’ll always have excuses. 

You’re 20-30 years old:

  • “I’ll wait when I earn more money.”
  • “I’ll wait when I finish this sale.”
  • “I’ll wait until I get promoted!”
  • “Next year na lang, I need to finish the Starbucks sticker for the planner…”
  • “But my iPhone payment isn’t finished yet!”

You’re 30-50 years old:

  • “I’ll wait when my kid finishes elementary.”
  • “I’ll wait when I finish paying for this car/condo/house and lot.”
  • “I can’t yet, my child’s milk/diaper/clothes are too expensive.”
  • “I’m on a mobile postpaid service, e.

You’re 50-60 years old:

  • “I’ll wait when my kid finishes high school/college.”
  • “I’ll wait when my retired parents stop asking me for money.”

After a while, time will run out and you’ll already be in your late 60s! Yikes.

We Filipinos love holidays. 

At any point in our lives, we’ll always have something that requires our money.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the Philippine holidays! 

Why wait? You’ll only get poorer. 

Start investing as early as today.

Same investment amount. Same number of years. Same annual average interest of 10%. But the one who started the earliest will end up with the highest fund value. 

If not now, then when? When you’re already old, unemployed and retired?

You don’t need a big amount to get started. Have at least P1,500 a month? You can start with your own Sun Maxilink Prime investment.

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Thank you, wonderful people!

Live wisely,
Lianne Martha Laroya

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