A Girl Can: For Daniel Saracin

I grew up in a household of males: my two brothers, and my dad. The only female in my life was my mom. And yet it has always been clear to me that whatever my brothers can accomplish, I can accomplish too.

Dad never labelled me by the traditional ways a Filipino labels a woman. There were so many possibilities to what I could become! I could get a degree and more degrees after. So, I got my graduate degree and I’m planning on getting another one in the near future. Sure I had boys in my life, and dreams of having a family one day, but dad always encourages me to pursue my own dreams. He says: “Find your place in the sunshine; the right man will follow.” So I run, I travel alone, I pursue what interests me, I revel in who I am, and I never let the traditional idea of what a woman can or cannot do limit me.

My dad is truly the one who has put me on his shoulders and shown me more of what a girl can do. Because a girl can.

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