A Leader Empowered by God: For Rose Sebastian

I was never the type of person who had a personal relationship with God. Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve always believed in God. I’ve always had faith in Him. I was just not someone who’d easily talk about faith and God, especially at work.

And then I knew Ms. R. She joined the company where I was working last July 2015. It took some time for us to really bond. I guess it wasn’t easy because I was too guarded to show who I really was.

But God had it all planned out.

During coaching sessions, what struck me most was when she would share a verse from the Bible. It was different from coaching sessions I had with previous managers. I’m not really used to talking about God, but for reasons I can’t really explain, I was so drawn to hearing her share verses from the Bible. I was in awe with her personal relationship with God. What I admired most about her is that she makes sure she is able to share God’s goodness to people around her.

She invited me several times to attend Victory. I declined several times as well.

She continued to send me Bible verses. Her faith that I will soon find my way back to God didn’t falter with my evident resistance. She was always there reminding me of how Almighty God is.

She also encouraged me to listen to Podcasts. Every Monday, she spends time to ask me if I was able to listen. Whenever I answer no, she would then tell me what was discussed during the Sunday service.

I decided to attend Victory because I wanted to have a personal relationship with God. I wanted to be more open to Him. The first time in Victory Fort was quite overwhelming. I saw people surrender themselves in worshipping the goodness of the Lord. The feeling was different. Good different.

Prior to attending Victory, I have always struggled with connecting to my direct reports.

Ms. R being my boss always pointed out my opportunities as a leader to my team. She challenged me to put God first in everything that I do- forget about numbers and think of my direct reports. Before knowing my direct reports, I need to share my story. Inspire my direct reports through the grace of God so that even when we are no longer in the office, they will be good followers of God.

I now work with a purpose. I always remind myself of the following: 1. Work from God 2. Work for God 3. Work with God.

Ms. R has inspired me to start having a personal relationship with God. She always shares God’s words and goodness to people around her. Her leadership is something else, as she is empowered by God and she also seek for God’s guidance.

Ms. R has moved to another company but we still see each other during Sunday service. We spend time catching up on things over a cup of coffee (Thankful there is a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Victory Fort). She is no longer my boss but she will always be my friend.

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