A Sister’s Sacrifice: For Manilyn Rose Arengo

Hi! I’m Rosanna, a Real Estate Broker & Appraiser. I’m 26 years old and I live in Jagobiao, Cebu. Back when I was in the Third year college taking up Physical Therapy, I made a decision that changed my life drastically. I was top 1 in the dean’s list in Physical Therapy in my batch at that time, but I threw it all away because I wanted to work. It was summer at that time and I felt I wanted to earn more than studying. I told my parents that I wanted to stop going to school all of a sudden. They were heartbroken. At that time, I didn’t feel the gravity of the situation and how wrong it was. I never thought of the sacrifices of my parents but what I just wanted to do at the moment. I chose to go to a BPO company and work as a Customer Service Representative. At first, I enjoyed it. I had a lot of money and traveled with my teammates to many beautiful places in Cebu. Leaving school and choosing to work at that time felt like the right decision. When I worked there, I created my own world where I usually went out with my friends and seldom went home. I was too focused on earning more and reaching a high score for my performance at work that I failed to notice I already neglected my studies. As a result, I did not study for two years. After resigning from my first company, I worked in another company but my parents have been prodding me to enroll and to finish my studies. During the course of my working life as a Customer Service Representative, I mishandled my finances and invested in long-term investments such as buying a Lot Property which needed to be paid monthly for 5 years and paying for insurances. I thought I could be wealthy because of investing in those assets. However, it was a wrong decision because I didn’t think I would go back to school in the future years. Because of those liabilities, it was hard for me to resign even if I really wanted to go back to school. I missed school. Last 2012, I decided to go back to school and work at the same time. Those times were really difficult. I had to wake up at night usually 9PM then go out at 6AM. At first, I chose to enroll in just a few subjects every semester but something happened. There was one class that I enrolled in but failed to withdraw from. I failed to withdraw from it because I was too immersed at work and did not have the time to withdraw. It caused me to be “blocked” from our school. It was one of my deepest regrets because I chose work over school again. My sister was also enrolled in the same school and course as me taking up Real Estate Management. We were supposed to be at the same year level but I felt discouraged as I could no longer be at the same year level as my sister. I knew it was a wake up call that I had to prioritize my education. What made me decide to fight for my education and to go there at school almost everyday even if they “blocked” me from enrolling was because of her and our parents. It was an ordeal I would not have survived had I not have the support of my sister and my parents. It was my sister, Manilyn Rose Arengo, who talked to the secretaries and the people who could help me in “unblocking” my account. There were numerous letters sent by my father and because they believed in me, I, too, believed. From then on, I decided to arrange my schedule at work to fit a lot of subjects in school. Slowly, my education took precedence over my work. It became painful for me if I didn’t balance them both so I usually slept at work (we have sleeping rooms), go to work, then go to school, then go to work. There were plenty of times that I couldn’t go home because my work started from 9PM to 6AM then my classes started from 9AM to 4PM. There were a lot of times I lacked sleep, until I talked to my sister and told her it would be difficult to balance both since I was already in fourth year college. She agreed to take over and pay for my lot in exchange of me resigning and prioritizing my education. I couldn’t really thank her enough for that. I had so many wrong decisions and I had so many failures but never did she leave me in those times of hardships. When I gave up on myself, she never entertained the thought and continued to motivate me. I just want to thank you Manang from the bottom of my heart. I know words wouldn’t be enough. Now, I am to say I have already graduated and I’m happy to share that I’m already working in my father’s starting company. Thank you so much, sister 🙂 You’re one of a kind.

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