A Thank You That Was Not Said: For Sir Jun

It is hard to believe in yourself when the people sorrounding you either look down at you or worse, pity you.

That’s what I felt on my first job as a preventive maintenance technician in a semiconductor company. Dominated by the male specie, understandably, as the job requires physical strenght to perform heavy tasks. When I was hired, a lot of my colleagues doubted my capability to perform. I guess when I was sacked from the job (due to retrenchment), that proved them right. I was so down and inconsolable and thought so lowly of myself.

I visited my former boss for the last time to thank him for the opportunity he gave, and we had a good talk. His sincere encouragement and advice lifted my spirits. He told me to be easy on myself and to turn those roadblocks into something positive. His gesture, seeing the good in me that even myself couldn’t see, was like a sunshine that lifted the shroud of self-pity that was drowning me.

I got to work again in the same company. And excelled in my profession, I did. All thanks to my mentor – Sir Jun who saw the potential in me & gave me the chance.

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