A Wingless Angel, A Capeless Hero: For Hazel Herber

Not all angels have wings; not all heroes have capes.

Some of them are ordinary people, like my friend Hazel, who generously gives much of her time, knowledge and talent to help people learn, earn and grow.

When you are nearing half a century in age, job opportunities can be few and far in between, as one has to compete with hundreds of thousands of other job applicants who are not only half my age but have more updated and relevant competencies.

So here comes Hazel, asking her friends on FB if they are interested in a work from home opportunity.
I signified my intent without expecting much and with zero knowledge about the world of freelancing.

Why is she, my angel? My hero?

Because she upped the ante with my somewhat limited competencies. She helped me find work online and guided me step by step.

She made herself available through Skype, Messenger, SMS as I was trying to navigate the world of online freelancing work,

How did she help me be the best I can be?

Well, when one is nearing half a century old, acquiring new skills can be very daunting, more so, when technology can be intimidating to the uninitiated.

She helped me overcome this dilemma, by not only being very patient in tutoring me, but also allowing me to learn from my mistakes.

I still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn.

But I am thankful for friends like Hazel. An affirmation that perhaps approaching 50 years old is the new 20 when it comes to learning.

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