Architect Awesome: For Arch. Ving De Leon-De Ocampo

I’m currently a 5th year Architecture student from Bulacan. I actually never planned on being an Architect but I ended up enjoying the course. My mentor made me love it more.

I met Arch. Ving on my first year in Architecture. She was our class adviser. She was so simple, wearing her polo shirt and slacks yet beaming with wit and confidence. Ang astig nya, grabe. She puts justice to the word awesome.

Architecture is supposed to make you draft ’till you drop, but Arch. Ving made the pain tolerable. She was an encourager in a world full of critics. She made me believe in myself. She inspired me to excel in the field by doing more with less. She helped build up the ‘me’ of today.

There’s a whole lot of other things she taught me, but one thing I’m most thankful for is that she is my mentor and also, my friend.

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