Caffeine Runs In the Blood: For Roshelle Tejemo

Coffee has been a staple drink for those who are in the field of medical laboratory science – a common penchant for us. Ms. Roshelle was my mentor before she became my colleague. She was a millennial like me, full of visions in life, but what makes me admire her most is that those goals have been always materialized in good timing. She thinks outside the box, seeing opportunities behind every endeavor. She wasn’t only a listening ear, a helping hand, but also an ever ready companion especially when coffee hunting is involved. Having someone like her to talk to is already a blessing, handed with coffee times to share. Just like coffee, which takes good timing to taste a great product, Ms. Roshelle encourages me to work with love, especially in imparting wisdom and knowledge to Med Tech students, who we were once, and to patiently understand them.

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