Daddy: For David Pillai

Loving your own kids is easy. Loving another child as your own is what makes You really special. You have been the dad that I need. Even though you didn’t give birth to me, you’ve been a wonderful “father” to me! I have the best of all in the universe… I am blessed by having you as my sweet and wonderful “appa”!

No matter how many people in my life have come and go, you’ve always remained the closest to my heart and my everything permanently. When someone asks why I love you this much, I am not able to give a single reason. Daddy, because you have stood by me through all the ups and downs, guided me, taught me and held my hand tightly all throughout. You are my inspiration! I love your work, honesty, and deciation. I constantly pray for your wellness and I pray to be ur blood daughter in the next lifetime. Love you loads, dear Appa!

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