Doc Candy-Sweet Inspiration: For Christine Bejasa

This is a no-brainer. My wife of twenty 20 years, Dr. Christine C. Bejasa, an Orthodontist by profession, is my best friend, soulmate, inspiration all rolled into one. How can you not admire and love a person who is full of happiness and self-confidence considering the situation our family is going through? After working for more than two decades in the field of Public Relations as well as in Sales and Marketing, I found myself out-of-work for almost three years now. I worked for companies like Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc. and San Miguel Corporation to name a few. I am now what you call “Houseband” and my wife has taken the cudgels of keeping the family afloat. Despite all the problems and obstacles, she has done so much and sacrificed a lot for our family. Her dedication to her work as well as becoming the breadwinner for the family has inspired me to go into a new venture in my life and hopefully bring us better days in the near future.

Usually in these kinds of situations, one would fall into depression. But because of Candy (her nickname), I’ve mustered enough courage and strength to be motivated and slowly work my way back into managing my own business. It is customary that people receive gifts on their birthday. But come September 29, which also happens to be my birthday, it would be the perfect birthday gift for me to surprise Doc Candy with a memorable surprise that she simply deserves. Indeed, A Happy Coffee Bean Day!

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One Thought

  1. Christine Bejasa says:

    Thank you Coffee Bean for providing this venue for people to honor those who matter to them in their lives. Much like the feeling of warmth and love you get from reading each and everyone’s story, you get this same feeling from a delicious cup of coffee from a Coffee Bean store. By doing this, you foster the concept of caring, sharing and loving. You gave a venue for “Aaaaawww” moments which warms the heart. Continue spreading the love and let us do our part in making our world a better place.

    On a side note, my first reaction to the article, or more particularly the photo (circa 2000) was to cringe in dismay. (Why did he use that photo!?!) As I read the article, however, I realized that my husband appreciated and loved me just as I am and no photo can do justice to how he felt about me. In that photo, in his eyes, I am the most beautiful person in the world. And for that realization, I appreciate and love him more. Thank you so much for the surprise! It’s been a Happy Coffee Bean Day!