Documenting the World, One Shot at a Time: For Zeus Martinez

My name is Patricia Uy, Patty for short, and I am an events photographer. I originally am a licensed nurse and how I got into this business, let me tell you. It was partly because of this certain guy named Zeus Martinez.

Being a born-again Christian, we come to share our talents through ministries. He just happened to be the head of the documentation committee while I was a vagabond volunteer, unsure of which group to serve in. After we were introduced, we talked about photography in general, and I told him that I owned a camera. He then invited me to join the group but I was unsure of my talents. What have I got against this guy and his group of highly-talented persons? The next week, he told me to bring my camera and sat me down for a talk. What he told me during that talk would change my outlook forever (yes, cliche).

I told him that the reason I didn’t want to join the team at first was because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t have the knowledge and skills to do what they do. He said in reply that we all start from somewhere, even from zero; especially from zero. They all started from there, and they know how it feels like. It is truly only through perseverance, thirst to learn, and rigorous work that we are able to succeed. Also, it helps to have a group of like-minded people to help you out, as he pertained to the team. For him, it took him 12 years to where he was now, and he started when he was my current age! That gave me a drive, sparked a flame in my heart, not only to serve the Lord and his ministry, but to also follow my heart. The next week after we talked, I joined his team.

Zeus is a mentor not only in the craft, but also in life and love. He has treated me not only as an apprentice, but also as a friend and sister in Christ. Since I started learning from him, I have gone great lengths such as walking endless hours to look for the perfect subject, waiting on him as insects buzzed in my ear, and climbed rock formations to be able to fit 15 persons in a picture.

Presently, I have photography gigs of my own, thanks to his mentorship, and God’s leading to him. In a span of a few months, I have improved a lot in my craft. Whether I make it a full-time job is still in the open, but I just might, when the right opportunity comes in. As for being his full-time apprentice? Count me in.

P.S. – We are so used to being behind the lens that our photo is just a selfie, not even a professional one!

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