Double Happiness: For Twinie Kaye Lim Ng

There are times when I act recklessly without thinking of the consequences that come with my actions. I remember the time when a crazy idea popped up in my mind, which was to impersonate my twin. My twin sister was running late for class and I thought why not substitute for her (just for fun), after all we do look alike and why not use that to our advantage? After an hour of pretending “as her” in class, she appeared and the class went ballistic. The professor was so shocked when he saw double. Right after class, my sister and I approached our professor and extended our deepest apologies. We realized that this action could have caused us to get expelled in college. Both my sister and I pleaded to spare each other, and if ever there was someone to get expelled, asked if it could be only one of us. It was an act of pure love and sacrifice. Fortunately, the professor had a good laugh with the prank and he was kind enough to let it go. I guess he was touched with our love for each other 🙂

My twin sister will forever be the yin to my yang. From getting almost the same mistakes in tests (without cheating of course) to finishing each other’s sentences, the connection and bond we share is unfathomable. She taught me what love is capable of. That Love is to be expressed and shared. I will forever be grateful to her. And oh, i’ll let you in a little secret, the only pact we have with each other is not to share boyfriends. LOL! 🙂

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