“Gracias”: For Zayda Grace Gonzales

Gracia (Spanish) = Grace
Gracias (Spanish) = Thank you

The beauty rests on the fact that the word is already in the name of the person I dedicate this post to, my Mom, Grace. If one will define the meaning of grace, it will be about simple elegance, finesse, and could also pertain to something related to God’s generosity, i.e. God’s grace. Everyone who knows my mom will agree that she is indeed, all of those.

I am the second child of my mom, currently studying law and working at the same time.

My mom is a person of service. She is a dentist but she only gets to practice the profession during medical and dental mission/s. She has also been serving the people of the Philippines for many years now as she works for the government. She likes reading and writing, once dreamt to be a lawyer, took up one semester but discontinued studying because of her growing children. She would leave me with her Aunt and she would bring my sister to work. She would pick me up and then the three of us will go home. I can only imagine how difficult it was to raise children as a single mom, take care of our sick grandmother, and work for a living at the same time. I want to fulfill her dream of being a lawyer and the best way to do that is to be that dream.

Most of my life, my Dad worked abroad, that’s why time and time again, I consider her both my mother and father. She has gone through a lot but would never let us know that there is difficulty. That was why we grew up to be sensitive and careful of others’ feelings. Being a single mom, she is very protective of my sister and I, she would never let us go out of town with friends or enjoy night outs. Of course, there are those times when we would clash and argue but she would always win (may also be because we’re both the stubborn Taurus). Back then, I didn’t understand why she was very protective. I would always argue that seeing the world, no matter how cruel it is, is essential for learning and one’s growth. But as I become more exposed to the real world, as I watch more inspiring movies and as I read more Coffee Bean-inspired stories about life, I understood why single mothers are like that… they are afraid. They are afraid to fail their children. They are afraid if their children would fail and because they are single parents, they are afraid that they are and will never be enough. I salute all single parents out there. I may not be a parent yet, but seeing how my mom struggled for us, is enough to leave me in awe of single parents.

This is why I am very grateful for this opportunity to share something about my hero and mentor. I want to let the world know how thankful I am for her. To also let her know that she shouldn’t have a reason to be afraid. She taught me how to be strong and resilient. She teaches me ways to be simply good, elegant, generous, forgiving, wise, and kind. Thus, gracias mi mamá. (Thank you, my mom)

I am blessed that you gave me a life far from what I deserve. Same goes for Ate. It may be simple, but it’s happy. With your guidance, I was able to generate a different view in life, content with what I have but still have big dreams at the same time, not worrying about tomorrow because God has something planned, and putting my hands in prayer and cope effectively when things get difficult. I am thankful that someone reprimands me to prepare me to face the world, please know that for me, you will always be that LAWFUL someone in authority who will speak to me in an angry way because I’ve done something wrong 🙂 I was able to be of service and a blessing to others. Thank you for being a big factor to the person I am today. Don’t be afraid, know that you have done a good job raising us and Mom, you still have the streak of being the most effective adviser, not just for me, but for all the people around you.

You are my life coach, my mentor, my hero, my best friend, and my role model.

Gracias, Ma.

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